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Lars Eggert larse at ISI.EDU
Thu Nov 20 17:51:11 PST 2003

Andre Oppermann wrote:
>>One great paper I read on this:
>>Prashant Pradhan, Tzi-Cker Chiueh, Anindya Neogi, Aggregate TCP Congestion
>>Control Using Multiple Network Probing, in proceedings of IEEE ICDCS'2000.
> I will certainly have a look at it.

You may also want to look at RFC2140, which originated the idea (well, 
T/TCP mentioned it, too, but only for sharing temporally), and the 
follow-on E-TCP simulations in:

Effects of Ensemble-TCP. Lars Eggert, John Heidemann and Joe Touch. ACM 
Computer Communication Review, Vol. 30, No. 1, January 2000, pp. 15-29.

Spatial sharing of this information (across multiple, parallel 
connections through the same bottleneck, such as between the same end 
system pair) can lead to large performance gains.

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