No deltas via email anymore?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Jan 20 12:04:15 UTC 2010

> From:		Andre Albsmeier <Andre.Albsmeier at> 
> The problem seems to lie on my side ;-( From what I found out so
> far, those buggers who administer the mail servers here (if you
> can call the M$-crap a server at all) switched their Exchange-
> toys to a newer version which not only messes up the headers
> but also wraps lines at pos 75. Now the deltas arrive like this:
> CTM_MAIL BEGIN src-7.0895.gz 1 1
> H4sIAGI5VksCA8VZ+28bNxL+2foreG5R2HnIfD8ctEASO70AqVs0PlyvdweBT3sRaVe3u0riHvq
> /
> 35ArPyT5IbcBzoZJaUkOZz4OZ75Zvz79YfLq+Pu3J4iOMepa/1whbQSimGBMiKFUGC5/RePR69M
> f
> L
> Normally, they get automatically piped to ctm_rmail which can't
> work with this and throws them away. Now that I've switch off
> ctm_rmail, I can find the whole mess in my inbox...
> Sorry for the noise, I really didn't realise what's going
> here originally...
> Thanks,
> 	-Andre

75 seems low, considering MS addicts write extremely long
lines at times (I suppose that's why - sigh).

	uuencode 	61
	fmt		65
	MIME base64	72
	punch cards	72
	MSexchange	75
	ctm_rmail	76

I guess there would be no objection if you wrote patches for:
	- ctm_rmail to also support receipt of smaller lines.
	- ctm_smail to optionally generate shorter lines.
Then existing ctm recipients could first install a new ctm_rmail
Then later senders could upgrade to a new ctm_smail.
That would save others in future too.

But good luck if you first try the quicker & more satisfying
route of giving those Microsoft addicts a good berating ;-)

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