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Mon Dec 10 20:29:59 PST 2001

E-MAIL ADDRESS: b_george117 at

Dear Sir/Madam,


l am an acting Director in the Budget and Planning
Department in the Federal Ministry of Works. We got
your contact through an associate who told us in
confidence that you would be interested in assisting
us in a business deal requiring the transfer of
US21,300,000.00( Twenty-one million, Three Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars ) to an oversea

What we need in essence is a very reliable and
trustworthy foreign company/partner who would be
willing to assist us by providing a foreign account
that can accommodate this fund which is presently
lying dormant in an escrow account of the Central Bank
of Nigeria. Our intention is to invest our share of
the fund in the importation of goods from your country
into our country for commercial purpose and securing
shares in some blue chips company in your country
preferably under your guidance.

For confidential reasons, l will not be able to
disclose the details of this project to you now until
l get a positive response from you. lf you are
interested, please contact me on the above e-mail
address so that l can furnish you with more
information on this project and the modalities needed
to enable us transfer this fund successfully to a
convenient account provided by you.

Please note that this transaction is 100% risk free
and mutually beneficial to both parties. Once we get
your response, we shall inform you of how we intend to
share the fund between us and you for providing the
account. Also note that this transaction is meant to
be concluded within a certain time frame, hence your
prompt response is solicited. Before l round off, it
is to important to emphasize that this transaction
requires absolute confidentiality between all parties
involve, it is going to be the bedrock to our success
in transferring this fund without hitches.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Bode George

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