Solved? (was Re: Any known bugs in aic7xxx)

Mike Sharp mike_sharp at
Fri Nov 24 19:08:44 PST 2000

Doug Ledford wrote:

> This bit of information, combined with the above note about parity errors is
> almost a certain indication of bus wiring/termination problems.


Thanks for the follow up Doug.  I really appreciate the effort -- I'm
at witt's end here.

At this point I've got two sets of LVD/u160 cables ($$ ouch!), three
LVD terminators(!),
and lots of other random components that I've swapped back and forth
in endless combination.   I've tried my setup with and without my drive trays
(just in case they aren't compliant somehow).  I've had nightmares about strange
ground loop problems too (raid is in one box, cpu in another).
I've spent the past week going over this ground again and again.  (*sigh*)

I guess I'll wait until Monday and see if I can borrow some known good cables
and terminators from work.  I suppose its possible that I've found a bad
batch of one or the other.



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