ANN: SEDarwin Release

Chris Vance Christopher.Vance at
Mon Nov 6 18:09:34 UTC 2006

The first widespread release of SEDarwin is now available for
download at

SEDarwin is a port of the TrustedBSD Mandatory Access Control
Framework to Apple's Darwin operating system platform, along with a
Type Enforcement policy based on SELinux.  SEDarwin is still
experimental, but currently allows the enforcement of mandatory
process and file protections under Darwin 8.7 (Mac OS X 10.4.7) on
Apple PowerPC hardware.

The October 31 snapshot includes the most recent SELinux kernel and
user space components available.  We are still working to adapt the
Treysys reference policy for Apple's System, but the kernel and user
space components are largely complete.

Chris Vance


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