PERFORCE change 64815 for review

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Nov 10 13:28:30 GMT 2004

Change 64815 by rwatson at rwatson_tislabs on 2004/11/10 13:28:11

	Typo correction.

Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sebsd/sys/sys/mac.h#18 edit

Differences ...

==== //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sebsd/sys/sys/mac.h#18 (text+ko) ====

@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@
 int	mac_associate_vnode_extattr(struct mount *mp, struct vnode *vp);
 void	mac_associate_vnode_singlelabel(struct mount *mp, struct vnode *vp);
 void	mac_create_devfs_device(struct ucred *cr, struct mount *mp,
-	    struct cred *dev, struct devfs_dirent *de, const char *fullpath);
+	    struct ucred *dev, struct devfs_dirent *de, const char *fullpath);
 void	mac_create_devfs_directory(struct mount *mp, char *dirname,
 	    int dirnamelen, struct devfs_dirent *de, const char *fullpath);
 void	mac_create_devfs_symlink(struct ucred *cred, struct mount *mp,
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