PERFORCE change 45503 for review

Robert Watson rwatson at
Sat Jan 17 20:49:31 GMT 2004

Change 45503 by rwatson at rwatson_tislabs on 2004/01/17 12:48:51

	Basic "auditon" implementation -- use auditctl() to turn on and off the
	trail (nothing more refined than that).

Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/audit2/usr.sbin/Makefile#3 edit
.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/audit2/usr.sbin/auditon/Makefile#1 add
.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/audit2/usr.sbin/auditon/auditon.c#1 add

Differences ...

==== //depot/projects/trustedbsd/audit2/usr.sbin/Makefile#3 (text+ko) ====

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