PERFORCE change 40245 for review

Robert Watson rwatson at
Thu Oct 23 02:35:49 GMT 2003

Change 40245 by rwatson at rwatson_paprika on 2003/10/22 19:35:38

	Integrate trustedbsd_sebsd rescue tree forward to 39070, the
	last major integration of the trustedbsd_mac branch, which
	brings in many of the major changes in the last four months to
	the main FreeBSD tree.  This includes substantial lock pushdown,
	threading bug fixes, compiler upgrades, et al.  

Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sebsd/rescue/rescue/Makefile#3 integrate

Differences ...

==== //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sebsd/rescue/rescue/Makefile#3 (text+ko) ====

@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-#$FreeBSD: src/rescue/rescue/Makefile,v 1.15 2003/08/01 09:04:32 gordon Exp $
+#$FreeBSD: src/rescue/rescue/Makefile,v 1.19 2003/09/27 17:27:02 markm Exp $
 #	@(#)Makefile	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/2/93
 PROG=	rescue
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
 	 ed expr getfacl hostname kenv kill ln ls mkdir mv pax ps pwd 	\
 	 realpath rm rmdir setfacl sh stty sync test
 CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lcrypt -ledit -lkvm -ll -lm -ltermcap -lutil
-.if exists(${.CURDIR}/../../crypto) && !defined(NOCRYPT) && !defined(NO_OPENSSL)
+.if !defined(NOCRYPT) && !defined(NO_OPENSSL)
 CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lcrypto
@@ -102,17 +102,30 @@
 # headers in addition to the standard 'paths.h' header.
-CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin= atm atacontrol badsect bsdlabel camcontrol 		\
-	ccdconfig clri devfs dmesg dump					\
+CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin= atacontrol badsect bsdlabel		\
+	camcontrol ccdconfig clri devfs dmesg dump			\
 	dumpfs dumpon fore_dnld fsck fsck_ffs fsck_msdosfs fsdb		\
-	fsirand gbde ifconfig ilmid init 				\
+	fsirand gbde ifconfig init 				\
 	kldconfig kldload kldstat kldunload ldconfig 			\
 	md5 mdconfig mdmfs mknod mount mount_cd9660 mount_ext2fs	\
 	mount_msdosfs mount_nfs mount_ntfs mount_nullfs			\
 	mount_std mount_udf mount_umapfs mount_unionfs newfs		\
-	newfs_msdos nos-tun ping ping6 raidctl reboot			\
+	newfs_msdos nos-tun ping raidctl reboot			\
 	restore rcorder route routed rtquery rtsol savecore 		\
-	slattach spppcontrol startslip swapon sysctl tunefs umount vinum
+	slattach spppcontrol startslip swapon sysctl tunefs umount 
+.if !defined(NOATM)
+CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= atm atmconfig ilmid
+CRUNCH_LIBS+= -latm
+.if !defined(NOINET6)
+CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= ping6
+.if !defined(NO_VINUM)
+CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= vinum
 .if !defined(NO_IPFILTER)
 CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= ipf ipfs ipfstat ipmon ipnat
@@ -121,8 +134,8 @@
 # crunchgen does not like C++ programs; this should be fixed someday
 # CRUNCH_PROGS+= devd
-CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lalias -latm -lbsdxml -lcam -lcurses -ldevstat -lipsec -lipx \
-	-lgeom -lmd -lreadline -lsbuf -lufs -lz 
+CRUNCH_LIBS+= -lalias -lbsdxml -lcam -lcurses -ldevstat -lipsec -lipx \
+	-lgeom -lkiconv -lmd -lreadline -lsbuf -lufs -lz 
 .if ${MACHINE_ARCH} == "i386"
 CRUNCH_PROGS_sbin+= cxconfig fdisk
@@ -153,6 +166,7 @@
 CRUNCH_SRCDIR_atm= $(.CURDIR)/../../sbin/atm/atm
+CRUNCH_SRCDIR_atmconfig= $(.CURDIR)/../../sbin/atm/atmconfig
 CRUNCH_SRCDIR_fore_dnld= $(.CURDIR)/../../sbin/atm/fore_dnld
 CRUNCH_SRCDIR_ilmid= $(.CURDIR)/../../sbin/atm/ilmid
 CRUNCH_SRCDIR_rtquery= $(.CURDIR)/../../sbin/routed/rtquery
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