Pending changes that need to be cleaned up..

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Mar 10 21:23:47 GMT 2003

Hey, if you have pending changelists that don't have any files in
them, you can blow them away with 'p4 change -d XXXXXX'.  There
are currently 20 pending changes on the server.  You can get a list
with the 'p4 changes -s pending' command.  People currently with
pending changes (along with number of such changes) include:

   7 mini
   3 imp
   2 sam
   2 rwatson
   1 murray
   1 jmallett
   1 green
   1 gordon
   1 dillon
   1 cvance

To pick an example, change 22187 is a pending change:

> p4 describe 22187
Change 22187 by imp at imp_hammer on 2002/12/11 21:53:58 *pending*

        Kernel for paco-paco, my dual mp machine

Affected files ...

> p4 change -d 22187
Change 22187 belongs to client imp_hammer.

Thus, I can't delete it, but imp can purge it from the system
by running that p4 change -d command on the 'hammer' client.
Note that you must do the p4 change from the same client that
originally did the p4 submit.


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