PERFORCE change 44238 for review

Chris Vance cvance at
Tue Dec 23 14:11:44 GMT 2003

Change 44238 by cvance at cvance_sony on 2003/12/23 06:10:44

	Add a /boot/loader.conf file pre-populated with SEBSD-specific
	options (commented out by default).

Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sebsd/sys/boot/forth/loader.conf.sebsd#1 add
.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sebsd/sys/boot/i386/loader/Makefile#5 edit

Differences ...

==== //depot/projects/trustedbsd/sebsd/sys/boot/i386/loader/Makefile#5 (text+ko) ====

@@ -101,9 +101,10 @@
 	cat ${.ALLSRC} | awk -f ${.CURDIR}/../../common/merge_help.awk > ${.TARGET}
 .PATH: ${.CURDIR}/../../forth 
-FILES=	${PROG}.help loader.4th support.4th loader.conf
+FILES=	${PROG}.help loader.4th support.4th loader.conf loader.conf.sebsd
 FILES+= screen.4th frames.4th beastie.4th
 FILESDIR_loader.conf=	/boot/defaults
+FILESNAME_loader.conf.sebsd= loader.conf
 .if !exists(${DESTDIR}/boot/loader.rc)
 FILES+=	${.CURDIR}/loader.rc
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