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	Notes on devfs, file creation modes.

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   <title>UFS Protections on Creation</title>
-requested creation mode
-ACL mask
+When file system objects are created, their default ownership and
+protection is a property of a variety of creation parameters: the
+credential and umask of the process creating the object, the
+requested creation mode for the operation, and the protections on
+the parent directory (specifically, the default ACL).
+Note: composition of default ACL, umask, and cmode, are as defined
+in POSIX.1e; some other systems use alternative compositions.
 <sect4 id="secarch-devfsprot">
-  <title>Device file system default protections</title>
-devfs full of synthetic special objects, not explicitly created by
-any user -- rather, the system.
+  <title>Device file system protections</title>
+<para>The device file system permits user processes to access system
+devices through the file abstraction.
+Entries in devfs may represent hardware devices (such as disks and
+serial ports), abstractions layered over hardware devices (such as
+disk partitions), or pseudo-devices (such as pseudo-terminals).
+The protections on device objects are a product of the permissions
+on the synthetic file system objects, and any additional security
+checks in the device implementation itself.
+The device file system assigns initial ownership and permissions
+based on two elements: defaults specified by the device driver,
+combined with a devfs ruleset.
-each device has default owner and protections set by the implementation
-of the object; however, as device access requirements are frequently
-specific to the environment, the devfs rules system may be used to
-set new default, as well as update all current protections.
+Device file system rulesets...
+Common requested modes and uid/gids for new device nodes
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