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Robert Watson rwatson at
Tue Sep 24 16:09:53 GMT 2002

Change 18059 by rwatson at rwatson_tislabs on 2002/09/24 09:09:08

	Note that some systems require labeling of agpgart to run X11.
	Remove trailing whitespace.

Affected files ...

.. //depot/projects/trustedbsd/misc/demo-20020725/x11_with_mls.txt#5 edit

Differences ...

==== //depot/projects/trustedbsd/misc/demo-20020725/x11_with_mls.txt#5 (text+ko) ====

@@ -12,6 +12,10 @@
     Note: this will bypass MLS protection of the devices, and is not
     a good idea.
+    Further note: Some systems will also use /dev/agpgart, which will
+    also need to be relabeled.  When devfs is in use, these labels may
+    need to be set each boot.
 (2) Labeling of /tmp, /tmp/.X11-unix, and /tmp/.ICE-unix.  It is necessary
     for this directory to be writable by any user making use of X.  As with
     (1), the work-around easiest for perform for a demonstration
@@ -32,5 +36,3 @@
     a per-label/user directory for logging, or disable logging by
     creating a symlink from /var/log/XFree86.0.log to /dev/null.
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