PERFORCE change 17681 for review

Chris Costello chris at
Thu Sep 19 03:27:03 GMT 2002

On Wednesday, September 18, 2002, Chris Costello wrote:
> 	  Here are a few points that should be made about this document:
> 	o all relabel entry points are scattered, not under the right heading
> 	o there were a few other grammar errors that have yet to be corrected
> 	o every single entry point requires at least 26 lines of metadata
> 	o Data is formatted in a suboptimal layout due to DocBook limitations
> 	o on the current version, we're looking at hastily-written summaries
> 	o catching-up needs to be done; this document is out of date
> 	o Best thing to do after that is to mostly re-write each description
> 	o over the next few weeks, I'll be carrying out those changes
> 	o over the next few months, I'll decide whether or not I would like to
> 	  keep this document in the DocBook format, or possibly move it out

   As an alternative, I'm thinking about using the traditional ms(7) 
doc. format and sticking it in /usr/share/doc/papers, or possibly
waiting for the DocBook XML bits to get adapted and create a
custom stylesheet (.mac -> .docbook) to help clean up the markup,
which is really quite messy IMHO.

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