svn commit: r335829 - user/cperciva/panicmail

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Jul 2 16:06:00 UTC 2018

On 6/30/18 5:07 PM, Colin Percival wrote:
> Author: cperciva
> Date: Sun Jul  1 00:07:41 2018
> New Revision: 335829
> URL:
> Log:
>   Add /usr/local/bin to $PATH so that panicmail can use gdb from ports.
>   Submitted by:	sbruno

If gdb from ports isn't installed, the old gdb will be present in /usr/libexec
if it isn't present in /usr/bin.  At some point /usr/libexec/gdb might go away,
but it is present there for now.  The crashinfo script prefers gdb from
/usr/local/bin and falls back to /usr/libexec or /usr/bin.

John Baldwin

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