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Mark Johnston markj at
Mon Jan 15 00:29:18 UTC 2018

Author: markj
Date: Mon Jan 15 00:29:17 2018
New Revision: 327980

  Create a branch for integrating changes needed for netdump.
  netdump is a facility that allows the kernel to transmit a kernel dump
  over UDP to a remote server, instead of saving it to local media. This
  is useful for diskless systems and for centralized collection of kernel
  dumps in a lab environment.
  This implementation will provide a kernel netdump client, including
  hooks for some NIC drivers, and support for configuration with
  dumpon(8). Some extensions to the mbuf allocator make it possible to
  allocate mbufs/clusters after a panic using a pre-allocated pool;
  this is done without imposing any runtime overhead in the regular
  allocator and without having to modify driver tx/rx code. The netdump
  server component is available in the ports tree as ftp/netdumpd.

     - copied from r327979, head/
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