svn commit: r306763 - user/alc/PQ_LAUNDRY/sys/vm

Alan Cox alc at
Thu Oct 6 15:30:27 UTC 2016

Author: alc
Date: Thu Oct  6 15:30:26 2016
New Revision: 306763

  Define the sysctl for the number of laundry thread wakeups.


Modified: user/alc/PQ_LAUNDRY/sys/vm/vm_meter.c
--- user/alc/PQ_LAUNDRY/sys/vm/vm_meter.c	Thu Oct  6 15:20:05 2016	(r306762)
+++ user/alc/PQ_LAUNDRY/sys/vm/vm_meter.c	Thu Oct  6 15:30:26 2016	(r306763)
@@ -287,6 +287,7 @@ VM_STATS_VM(v_vnodepgsin, "Vnode pages p
 VM_STATS_VM(v_vnodepgsout, "Vnode pages paged out");
 VM_STATS_VM(v_intrans, "In transit page faults");
 VM_STATS_VM(v_reactivated, "Pages reactivated by pagedaemon");
+VM_STATS_VM(v_ltwakeups, "Laundry thread wakeups");
 VM_STATS_VM(v_pdwakeups, "Pagedaemon wakeups");
 VM_STATS_VM(v_pdpages, "Pages analyzed by pagedaemon");
 VM_STATS_VM(v_tcached, "Total pages cached");

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