svn commit: r283800 - in user/ngie/more-tests/tests/sys: fifo file kern/execve kqueue

Garrett Cooper ngie at
Sun May 31 02:15:22 UTC 2015

Author: ngie
Date: Sun May 31 02:15:22 2015
New Revision: 283800

  Readd fresh copies of the directories from head using svn copy

     - copied from r283799, head/tests/sys/fifo/
     - copied from r283799, head/tests/sys/file/
     - copied from r283799, head/tests/sys/kern/execve/
     - copied from r283799, head/tests/sys/kqueue/
Directory Properties:
  user/ngie/more-tests/tests/sys/fifo/   (props changed)
  user/ngie/more-tests/tests/sys/file/   (props changed)
  user/ngie/more-tests/tests/sys/kern/execve/   (props changed)
  user/ngie/more-tests/tests/sys/kqueue/   (props changed)

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