svn commit: r277109 - user/dchagin/lemul/usr.bin/kdump

Allan Jude allanjude at
Tue Jan 13 07:17:51 UTC 2015

Author: allanjude (doc committer)
Date: Tue Jan 13 07:17:50 2015
New Revision: 277109

  Fix compile error in lemul branch (undefined reference to: nlinux32_syscalls, linux32_syscallnames)
  After the changes that moved the include of linux_syscalls.c inline, rather than via the Makefile, the same was not done for linux32_syscalls.c
  Apply the same treatment to linux32_syscallnames and nlinux32_syscalls as their 64bit counterparts got earlier
  Differential Revision:
  Approved by:	dchagin
  Sponsored by:	ScaleEngine Inc.


Modified: user/dchagin/lemul/usr.bin/kdump/kdump.c
--- user/dchagin/lemul/usr.bin/kdump/kdump.c	Tue Jan 13 06:56:04 2015	(r277108)
+++ user/dchagin/lemul/usr.bin/kdump/kdump.c	Tue Jan 13 07:17:50 2015	(r277109)
@@ -173,8 +173,10 @@ static int bsd_to_linux_errno[ELAST + 1]
 #if defined(__amd64__)
-extern char *linux32_syscallnames[];
-extern int nlinux32_syscalls;
+extern const char *linux32_syscallnames[];
+#include <linux32_syscalls.c>
+static int nlinux_syscalls = sizeof(linux32_syscallnames) / \
+				sizeof(linux32_syscallnames[0]);
 struct proc_info

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