svn commit: r238096 - user/ae/bootcode/sys/boot/common

Andrey V. Elsukov ae at
Wed Jul 4 12:04:51 UTC 2012

Author: ae
Date: Wed Jul  4 12:04:50 2012
New Revision: 238096

  Don't build disk.c and part.c if LOADER_DISK_SUPPORT is "no" or
  LOADER_NO_DISK_SUPPORT is set. Some loaders might work without disks
  support, so we don't need these files.


Modified: user/ae/bootcode/sys/boot/common/
--- user/ae/bootcode/sys/boot/common/	Wed Jul  4 10:17:02 2012	(r238095)
+++ user/ae/bootcode/sys/boot/common/	Wed Jul  4 12:04:50 2012	(r238096)
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
 # $FreeBSD$
-SRCS+=	boot.c commands.c console.c devopen.c disk.c interp.c 
+SRCS+=	boot.c commands.c console.c devopen.c interp.c 
 SRCS+=	interp_backslash.c interp_parse.c ls.c misc.c 
-SRCS+=	module.c panic.c part.c
+SRCS+=	module.c panic.c
 .if ${MACHINE} == "i386" || ${MACHINE_CPUARCH} == "amd64"
 SRCS+=	load_elf32.c load_elf32_obj.c reloc_elf32.c
@@ -24,8 +24,17 @@ SRCS+=	load_elf64.c reloc_elf64.c
 SRCS+=	dev_net.c
+.if !defined(LOADER_NO_DISK_SUPPORT) ||
+    (defined(LOADER_DISK_SUPPORT) && ${LOADER_DISK_SUPPORT} != "no")
+SRCS+=	disk.c part.c
 .if !defined(LOADER_NO_GPT_SUPPORT)
 SRCS+=	crc32.c
+.if !defined(LOADER_NO_MBR_SUPPORT)
 .if defined(HAVE_BCACHE)

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