svn commit: r207903 - user/dougb/portmaster

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon May 10 21:57:35 UTC 2010

Author: dougb
Date: Mon May 10 21:57:34 2010
New Revision: 207903

  The text description of the compat library directory was wrong, [1]
  although thankfully the example 'rm -r' command had it right.
  Submitted by:	Denny Lin <dennylin93 at> [1]


Modified: user/dougb/portmaster/portmaster.8
--- user/dougb/portmaster/portmaster.8	Mon May 10 21:31:20 2010	(r207902)
+++ user/dougb/portmaster/portmaster.8	Mon May 10 21:57:34 2010	(r207903)
@@ -268,10 +268,10 @@ After the port is built, if the
 .Fl w
 option is being used, all shared libraries installed
 by the old port (if any) will be saved to
-.Pa /usr/local/compat/pkg .
+.Pa /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg .
 After installation if there are any new files with
 the same names as those in
-.Pa /usr/local/compat/pkg
+.Pa /usr/local/lib/compat/pkg
 the old files will be deleted,
 .Xr ldconfig 8

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