svn commit: r201057 - in user/luigi/ipfw3-head/sys/netinet: . ipfw

Julian Elischer julian at
Sun Dec 27 20:41:18 UTC 2009

Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> Author: luigi
> Date: Sun Dec 27 19:17:03 2009
> New Revision: 201057
> URL:
> Log:
>   Historically, BSD keeps ip_len and ip_off in host format when doing
>   layer 3 processing.  This often requires to translate the format
>   back and forth.


>   Eventually, I would like these fields to remain in network format
>   across the lifetime of a packet, but this may take a long time,
>   so let's see if we can find ways to at least make the switch easier.

I think I'd go for this sooner than later. It's always annoyed me.

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