svn commit: r200201 - user/dougb/portmaster

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Dec 7 01:46:40 UTC 2009

Author: dougb
Date: Mon Dec  7 01:46:39 2009
New Revision: 200201

  The last commit to this file was unintentional. :)
  In this update:
  1. Fix (sort of) the markup to avoid spurious -'es with the --packages*
  2. Remove a trailing space
  3. Detail that -PP has to be isolated on the command line
  4. Give more detail about what --local-packagedir should point to
  5. Describe how we use the --packages*-related environment vars
  6. In the example .portmasterrc section:
  	a. Add a value to the verbose example
  	b. Add examples for the --packages* options
  7. Add a Pp before the port_log description to match the others
  8. Add some examples for the --packages* options
  9. Add the Xr or pkg_add
  The previous update included the following:
  1. Document the --packages* and other new options
  2. Remove the SYNOPSIS for -p, and indicate that it's deprecated
  3. Try to improve the older text in some places, mostly remove commas
  and shorten some sentences.
  4. Add text to describe how the --packages* options interact with the
  older code.
  5. --force-config and --show-work no longer has to be the first option
  6. Describe how -x works when there is no installed version
  7. Detail that +IGNOREME files only work with installed ports


Modified: user/dougb/portmaster/portmaster.8
--- user/dougb/portmaster/portmaster.8	Mon Dec  7 00:54:02 2009	(r200200)
+++ user/dougb/portmaster/portmaster.8	Mon Dec  7 01:46:39 2009	(r200201)
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
 Common Flags:
 .Op Fl -force-config CGHgntvw [B|b] [f|i] [D|d]
-.Op Fl [--packages|--packages-only] [-P|-PP] | [--packages-build]
+.Op [--packages|--packages-only] [-P|-PP] | [--packages-build]
 .Op Fl -packages-if-newer
 .Op Fl -delete-build-only
 .Op Fl -always-fetch
@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ There are a number of
 options available to save the time that would normally
 be spent building the port(s).
 Users interested in a reasonable balance between speed of
-installation and maximum performance should consider the 
+installation and maximum performance should consider the
 .Fl -packages-build
 option, perhaps combined with the
 .Fl -delete-build-only
@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@ the runtime dependencies will be checked
 they are up to date.
 If the
 .Fl g
-option is used, a package will be created for the new
+option is used a package will be created for the new
 (or newly installed) version.
 When installing a port or using the
@@ -373,7 +373,13 @@ only if installed this run
 .It Fl P|--packages
 use packages, but build port if not available
 .It Fl PP|--packages-only
-fail if no package is available
+fail if no package is available.
+.Fl PP
+option must stand alone on the command line.
+In other words, you cannot do
+.Fl PPav
+(for example).
 .It Fl -packages-build
 use packages for all build dependencies
 .It Fl -packages-if-newer
@@ -383,7 +389,22 @@ the latest according to the ports tree
 fetch package even if it already exists locally
 .It Fl -local-packagedir=<path>
 where local packages can be found,
-will fall back to fetching if no local version exists
+will fall back to fetching if no local version exists.
+This option should point to the full path of a directory structure
+created in the same way that 'make package' (or the
+.Fl g
+option) creates it.
+I.e., the package files are contained in
+.Pa <path>/All ,
+there are LATEST_LINK symlinks in the
+.Pa <path>/Latest
+directory, and symlinks to the packages in
+.Pa <path>/All
+in the category subdirectories, such as
+.Pa <path>/devel ,
+.Pa <path>/ports-mgmt ,
 .It Fl l
 list all installed ports by category
 .It Fl L
@@ -455,6 +476,22 @@ so that you can create both a backup pac
 a package of the newly installed port even if they
 have the same version.
+When using the
+.Fl -packages*
+options the package files will be downloaded to
+.Pa ${PACKAGES}/portmaster-download .
+will respect the
+(by default variables.
+attempts to use both of these variables in the same
+way that
+.Xr pkg_add 1
 variable is set to
@@ -531,10 +568,34 @@ along with their related options.
 # Be verbose (-v)
+# PM_VERBOSE=vopt
 # Save copies of old shared libraries (recommended) (-w)
+# Install a package if available (-P or --packages)
+# PM_PACKAGES=first
+# Only install packages (-PP or --packages-only)
+# Install packages for build-only dependencies (--packages-build)
+# PM_PACKAGES_BUILD=pmp_build
+# Delete build-only dependencies when finished (--delete-build-only)
+# Use packages if they are newer than installed (--packages-newer)
+# PM_PACKAGES=newer
+# PM_PACKAGES_NEWER=pmp_newer
+# Always fetch new package files (--always-fetch)
+# PM_ALWAYS_FETCH=pm_always_fetch
+# Specify a local package repository (--local-packagedir)
 .It Pa /var/db/pkg/*/+IGNOREME
@@ -572,6 +633,7 @@ run which includes the
 .Fl R
 option that a port has already been rebuilt,
 so it can be safely ignored if it is up to date.
 .It Pa /tmp/port_log-*
 If the
 .Fl H
@@ -662,9 +724,19 @@ Update one port:
 .Dl "portmaster fooport"
 .Dl "portmaster foo/fooport"
+Use a package if available:
+.Dl "portmaster --packages fooport-1.23"
 Update multiple ports:
 .Dl "portmaster fooport-1.23 barport baz/blahport"
+Build a port locally but use packages for build dependencies,
+then delete the build dependencies when finished:
+.Dl "portmaster --packages-build --delete-build-only fooport-1.23"
+Update a system using only packages that are available locally:
+.Dl "portmaster -PP --local-packagedir=<path> -a"
 Update all ports that need updating:
 .Dl "portmaster -a"
@@ -716,6 +788,7 @@ to avoid rebuilding ports already rebuil
 However the first method (delete everything and reinstall) is preferred.
 .Xr make 1 ,
+.Xr pkg_add 1 ,
 .Xr pkg_delete 1 ,
 .Xr su 1 ,
 .Xr ports 7 ,

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