svn commit: r196072 - in user/edwin/locale/tools: . charmaps

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Wed Aug 5 12:19:44 UTC 2009

Author: edwin
Date: Wed Aug  5 12:19:43 2009
New Revision: 196072

  Add support for the ARMSCII-8 character map.


Modified: user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps.xml
--- user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps.xml	Wed Aug  5 12:07:02 2009	(r196071)
+++ user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps.xml	Wed Aug  5 12:19:43 2009	(r196072)
@@ -460,6 +460,8 @@
 	<translation encoding="GB2312"
 	    cldr="CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH-79D2" ucc="79D2" />
+	<translation encoding="ARMSCII-8"
+	    cldr="ONE DOT LEADER" string="FULL STOP" />
@@ -624,7 +626,6 @@
 	<!-- Just a . ? -->
 	<translation encoding="ISO8859-2" cldr="FULL STOP" string="." />
-	<translation encoding="ARMSCII-8" cldr="ONE DOT LEADER" string="." />

Added: user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps/ARMSCII-8.TXT
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps/ARMSCII-8.TXT	Wed Aug  5 12:19:43 2009	(r196072)
@@ -0,0 +1,256 @@
+0x00	0x0000
+0x01	0x0001
+0x02	0x0002
+0x03	0x0003
+0x04	0x0004
+0x05	0x0005
+0x06	0x0006
+0x07	0x0007
+0x08	0x0008
+0x09	0x0009
+0x0A	0x000A
+0x0B	0x000B
+0x0C	0x000C
+0x0D	0x000D
+0x0E	0x000E
+0x0F	0x000F
+0x10	0x0010
+0x11	0x0011
+0x12	0x0012
+0x13	0x0013
+0x14	0x0014
+0x15	0x0015
+0x16	0x0016
+0x17	0x0017
+0x18	0x0018
+0x19	0x0019
+0x1A	0x001A
+0x1B	0x001B
+0x1C	0x001C
+0x1D	0x001D
+0x1E	0x001E
+0x1F	0x001F
+0x20	0x0020
+0x21	0x0021
+0x22	0x0022
+0x23	0x0023
+0x24	0x0024
+0x25	0x0025
+0x26	0x0026
+0x27	0x0027
+0x28	0x0028
+0x29	0x0029
+0x2A	0x002A
+0x2B	0x002B
+0x2C	0x002C
+0x2D	0x002D
+0x2E	0x002E
+0x2F	0x002F
+0x30	0x0030
+0x31	0x0031
+0x32	0x0032
+0x33	0x0033
+0x34	0x0034
+0x35	0x0035
+0x36	0x0036
+0x37	0x0037
+0x38	0x0038
+0x39	0x0039
+0x3A	0x003A
+0x3B	0x003B
+0x3C	0x003C
+0x3D	0x003D
+0x3E	0x003E
+0x3F	0x003F
+0x40	0x0040
+0x41	0x0041
+0x42	0x0042
+0x43	0x0043
+0x44	0x0044
+0x45	0x0045
+0x46	0x0046
+0x47	0x0047
+0x48	0x0048
+0x49	0x0049
+0x4A	0x004A
+0x4B	0x004B
+0x4C	0x004C
+0x4D	0x004D
+0x4E	0x004E
+0x4F	0x004F
+0x50	0x0050
+0x51	0x0051
+0x52	0x0052
+0x53	0x0053
+0x54	0x0054
+0x55	0x0055
+0x56	0x0056
+0x57	0x0057
+0x58	0x0058
+0x59	0x0059
+0x5A	0x005A
+0x5B	0x005B
+0x5C	0x005C
+0x5D	0x005D
+0x5E	0x005E
+0x5F	0x005F
+0x60	0x0060
+0x61	0x0061
+0x62	0x0062
+0x63	0x0063
+0x64	0x0064
+0x65	0x0065
+0x66	0x0066
+0x67	0x0067
+0x68	0x0068
+0x69	0x0069
+0x6A	0x006A
+0x6B	0x006B
+0x6C	0x006C
+0x6D	0x006D
+0x6E	0x006E
+0x6F	0x006F
+0x70	0x0070
+0x71	0x0071
+0x72	0x0072
+0x73	0x0073
+0x74	0x0074
+0x75	0x0075
+0x76	0x0076
+0x77	0x0077
+0x78	0x0078
+0x79	0x0079
+0x7A	0x007A
+0x7B	0x007B
+0x7C	0x007C
+0x7D	0x007D
+0x7E	0x007E
+0x7F	0x007F
+0x80	0x0080
+0x81	0x0081
+0x82	0x0082
+0x83	0x0083
+0x84	0x0084
+0x85	0x0085
+0x86	0x0086
+0x87	0x0087
+0x88	0x0088
+0x89	0x0089
+0x8A	0x008A
+0x8B	0x008B
+0x8C	0x008C
+0x8D	0x008D
+0x8E	0x008E
+0x8F	0x008F
+0x90	0x0090
+0x91	0x0091
+0x92	0x0092
+0x93	0x0093
+0x94	0x0094
+0x95	0x0095
+0x96	0x0096
+0x97	0x0097
+0x98	0x0098
+0x99	0x0099
+0x9A	0x009A
+0x9B	0x009B
+0x9C	0x009C
+0x9D	0x009D
+0x9E	0x009E
+0x9F	0x009F
+0xA0	0x00A0
+0xA1	0x2741
+0xA2	0x00A7
+0xA3	0x0589
+0xA4	0x0029
+0xA5	0x0028
+0xA6	0x00BB
+0xA7	0x00AB
+0xA8	0x2014
+0xA9	0x002E
+0xAA	0x055D
+0xAB	0x002C
+0xAC	0x002D
+0xAD	0x055F
+0xAE	0x2026
+0xAF	0x055C
+0xB0	0x055B
+0xB1	0x055E
+0xB2	0x0531
+0xB3	0x0561
+0xB4	0x0532
+0xB5	0x0562
+0xB6	0x0533
+0xB7	0x0563
+0xB8	0x0534
+0xB9	0x0564
+0xBA	0x0535
+0xBB	0x0565
+0xBC	0x0536
+0xBD	0x0566
+0xBE	0x0537
+0xBF	0x0567
+0xC0	0x0538
+0xC1	0x0568
+0xC2	0x0539
+0xC3	0x0569
+0xC4	0x053A
+0xC5	0x056A
+0xC6	0x053B
+0xC7	0x056B
+0xC8	0x053C
+0xC9	0x056C
+0xCA	0x053D
+0xCB	0x056D
+0xCC	0x053E
+0xCD	0x056E
+0xCE	0x053F
+0xCF	0x056F
+0xD0	0x0540
+0xD1	0x0570
+0xD2	0x0541
+0xD3	0x0571
+0xD4	0x0542
+0xD5	0x0572
+0xD6	0x0543
+0xD7	0x0573
+0xD8	0x0544
+0xD9	0x0574
+0xDA	0x0545
+0xDB	0x0575
+0xDC	0x0546
+0xDD	0x0576
+0xDE	0x0547
+0xDF	0x0577
+0xE0	0x0548
+0xE1	0x0578
+0xE2	0x0549
+0xE3	0x0579
+0xE4	0x054A
+0xE5	0x057A
+0xE6	0x054B
+0xE7	0x057B
+0xE8	0x054C
+0xE9	0x057C
+0xEA	0x054D
+0xEB	0x057D
+0xEC	0x054E
+0xED	0x057E
+0xEE	0x054F
+0xEF	0x057F
+0xF0	0x0550
+0xF1	0x0580
+0xF2	0x0551
+0xF3	0x0581
+0xF4	0x0552
+0xF5	0x0582
+0xF6	0x0553
+0xF7	0x0583
+0xF8	0x0554
+0xF9	0x0584
+0xFA	0x0555
+0xFB	0x0585
+0xFC	0x0556
+0xFD	0x0586
+0xFE	0x2019
+0xFF	0x0027

Modified: user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps/charmaps.txt
--- user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps/charmaps.txt	Wed Aug  5 12:07:02 2009	(r196071)
+++ user/edwin/locale/tools/charmaps/charmaps.txt	Wed Aug  5 12:19:43 2009	(r196072)
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
-	ARMSCII-8 Armenian.html
++	ARMSCII-8 Armenian.html
 *	Big5		unicodeorg: OBSOLETE/EASTASIA/OTHER
 ?	Big5HKSCS BIG5-HKSCS.html / 
 ?	CP1131 CP1131.html / aix-4.3.2/IBM-1131.TXT

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