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Joseph Mingrone jrm at
Wed Apr 3 00:54:34 UTC 2019

Here is an updated checklist based on the feedback.

- Check for idle developers using: base 18

- Source bits are taken in for safekeeping after three consecutive emails about
  reaping go unanswered, or if the developer in question confirms that the bit
  can be taken in.  The script can be used to send warning
  emails, but René is currently taking care of this job.
- Once it has been established that a bit is to be taken in, follow these steps.

    1. Check whether the bit is associated with a vendor committer.  Is so,
       consider further investigation to determine the cause of the inactivity.
       Has something changed with this vendor?

    2. Check the mentors file to determine whether this developer is either a
       mentor or a mentee.  If the developer is a mentee, remove the developer
       from the mentors file.  If the developer is a mentor, create a core@ item
       to find the mentee a new mentor, inform the mentee that this item has
       been created, and ask the mentee for input on who might be a suitable
       replacement as a new mentor.  Assign core@ as the temporary mentor.
    3. Check whether the developer is a member of any groups.  If so, inform
       those groups that the developer's commit be is being taken in, and ask
       that the developer be removed from the group.
    4. If the developer wishes to continue receiving developer@ mail,
       ask postmaster@ to add the developer to alumni group.
    5. Remove the developer from the access file.
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