svn commit: r295007 - svnadmin/conf

Edward Tomasz Napierala trasz at
Thu Jan 28 19:18:34 UTC 2016

Author: trasz
Date: Thu Jan 28 19:18:33 2016
New Revision: 295007

  Take over mentorship of jceel at .  He moved on from work
  on embedded systems to storage, which is my area.  Big
  thanks to cognet@ and wkoszek@ for their involvement.
  Approved by:	core@


Modified: svnadmin/conf/mentors
--- svnadmin/conf/mentors	Thu Jan 28 18:57:47 2016	(r295006)
+++ svnadmin/conf/mentors	Thu Jan 28 19:18:33 2016	(r295007)
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ carl		jimharris
 cherry		gibbs
 eri		gnn		Co-mentor: thompsa
 erj		gnn		Co-mentor: jfv
-jceel		wkoszek		Co-mentor: cognet
+jceel		trasz
 jkh		rwatson
 jonathan	rwatson
 jwd		rmacklem

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