svn commit: r241442 - svnadmin/conf

Peter Wemm peter at
Thu Oct 11 08:44:16 UTC 2012

Author: peter
Date: Thu Oct 11 08:44:15 2012
New Revision: 241442

  Pull in the old access.doc_src file from CVS that was forgotten in the
  cvs->svn conversion 4 years ago.
  This is not a commit-bit file as such - it just sends commit/developer
  mail to doc committers.
  Approved by:	core (implicit)

  svnadmin/conf/access.doc   (contents, props changed)

Added: svnadmin/conf/access.doc
--- /dev/null	00:00:00 1970	(empty, because file is newly added)
+++ svnadmin/conf/access.doc	Thu Oct 11 08:44:15 2012	(r241442)
@@ -0,0 +1,26 @@
+# $FreeBSD$
+# This is for folks who are doc committers, but who work on docs in
+# the src/ tree as well.
+# Names must not be here without also being in doc repository access file.
+# This file does not grant access to the src tree - it only causes
+# you to get copies of the src commit email and announcements.
+# All doc committers implicitly have access to the src tree in order
+# to commit to man pages etc.
+# Changes to email forwards can be made without doceng's approval.
+# Please use "Approved by: core (implicit), doceng (implicit)" to that
+# type of commits.

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