svn commit: r231806 - svnadmin/conf

Ken Smith kensmith at
Thu Feb 16 03:05:05 UTC 2012

Author: kensmith
Date: Thu Feb 16 03:05:03 2012
New Revision: 231806

  Enter code freeze for the 8.3 release cycle by turning on approval checking
  for stable/8.
  While here turn releng/9.0 over to secteam.  I didn't do that at the
  normal time (a week or two after release) because the SU+J issues
  being reported were a bit scary.  A re-roll with SU+J not being the
  default filesystem created by bsdinstall(8) seemed like a possibility.
  After watching things for a while current thinking is we'll leave SU+J
  the default but an errata notice for a couple issues is likely.
  Approved by:	core (implicit)


Modified: svnadmin/conf/approvers
--- svnadmin/conf/approvers	Thu Feb 16 02:19:53 2012	(r231805)
+++ svnadmin/conf/approvers	Thu Feb 16 03:05:03 2012	(r231806)
@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@
 #^head/				re
 #^stable/9/			re
-#^stable/8/			re
+^stable/8/			re
 #^stable/7/			re
-^releng/9.0/			re
+^releng/9.0/			(security-officer|so)
 ^releng/8.[0-2]/		(security-officer|so)
 ^releng/7.[0-4]/		(security-officer|so)
 ^releng/6.[0-4]/		(security-officer|so)

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