svn commit: r220181 - svnadmin/conf

Andriy Gapon avg at
Thu Mar 31 04:49:08 UTC 2011

Author: avg
Date: Thu Mar 31 04:49:07 2011
New Revision: 220181

  New src committer: Artem Belevich <art at>
  Artem has been helping in a number of areas including ZFS and DTrace,
  and he is going to expand his coverage for sure.
  Approved by:	core


Modified: svnadmin/conf/mentors
--- svnadmin/conf/mentors	Thu Mar 31 02:36:22 2011	(r220180)
+++ svnadmin/conf/mentors	Thu Mar 31 04:49:07 2011	(r220181)
@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
 anchie		bz
 andreast	nwhitehorn
 andrew		imp
+art		avg		Co-mentor: marcel
 eri		mlaier		Co-mentor: thompsa
 gabor		delphij
 hselasky	thompsa

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