svn commit: r185415 - svnadmin/conf

Ken Smith kensmith at
Fri Nov 28 14:10:16 PST 2008

Author: kensmith
Date: Fri Nov 28 22:10:15 2008
New Revision: 185415

  Open stable/6 to normal developer activity.  I had originally planned to
  do that much sooner but wound up holding it this long because of the new
  world order with SVN.  People are still getting used to needing to commit
  to releng/X.Y in the "post-branch" phase so we needed to be able to diff
  stable/6 against releng/6.4 to make sure people did that.  Once people
  get a bit more accustomed to SVN we should be able to go back to opening
  up the stable/X branch sooner in the release cycle.
  Approved by:	core (implicit)


Modified: svnadmin/conf/approvers
--- svnadmin/conf/approvers	Fri Nov 28 22:06:31 2008	(r185414)
+++ svnadmin/conf/approvers	Fri Nov 28 22:10:15 2008	(r185415)
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
 #^head/				re
 ^stable/7/			re
-^stable/6/			re
+#^stable/6/			re
 ^releng/7.1/			re
 ^releng/7.0/			(security-officer|so)
 ^releng/6.4/			re

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