svn commit: r284492 - stable/8

Gregory Neil Shapiro gshapiro at
Wed Jun 17 03:23:46 UTC 2015

Author: gshapiro
Date: Wed Jun 17 03:23:45 2015
New Revision: 284492

  Add a note regarding the change to sendmail'c default DH parameter size
  for client connections.


Modified: stable/8/UPDATING
--- stable/8/UPDATING	Wed Jun 17 03:22:18 2015	(r284491)
+++ stable/8/UPDATING	Wed Jun 17 03:23:45 2015	(r284492)
@@ -15,6 +15,14 @@ NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT FreeBSD 8.
 	debugging tools present in HEAD were left in place because
 	sun4v support still needs work to become production ready.
+	The latest version of openssl rejects TLS handshakes with DH
+	parameters below 768 bits.  sendmail releases prior to 8.15.2
+	(not yet released), defaulted to a 512 bit DH parameter setting
+	for client connections.  To improve interoperability, the
+	sendmail default for client connections has been raised to
+	1024 bits.
 	The nve(4) driver for NVIDIA nForce MCP Ethernet adapters has
 	been deprecated and will not be part of FreeBSD 11.0 and later

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