Where's the docs for FreeBSD maintenance with Subversion?

Chris H bsd-lists at 1command.com
Thu Jul 4 09:24:43 UTC 2013

> On 04/07/2013 09:00, Chris H wrote:
>> 1) what to do with my current INDEX-8 && INDEX-8.db files?
> When you grab the latest ports via SVN, your INDEX files will be quite
> out of date.  Delete them, and grab an up to date version by 'make
> fetchindex' (or by building your own)  IIRC INDEX-8.db is something
> generated by portupgrade automatically from INDEX-8.
Yep -- actually as a product of portupgrade(1). It's actually portsdb(1) that creates it.
>> 2) what of the "distfiles" directory
> Save this.  Move it aside when you do your initial SVN checkout, and
> then copy the content back into place under /usr/ports/distfiles
> It won't interfere with subsequent SVN updates.

Thank you Matthew, that clears it all up for me. :)


> 	Cheers,
> 	Matthew
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