Where's the docs for FreeBSD maintenance with Subversion?

Chris H bsd-lists at 1command.com
Thu Jul 4 08:00:42 UTC 2013

 I've _finally_ managed to get a break in my work schedule that coincides with
a period where pointyhat isn't barfing on my ARCH. So I was able to (cv)sup src && ports.
Update the kernel successfully, and (after hours of work), managed to upgrade ports. But
as (cv)sup was discontinued ~3 months ago, the ports aren't well synced, and I'm now
working on a fairly wobbly system. I'm on RELENG_8 (8.4), and would like to sync my src &&
ports via the (now defacto) subversion method. My previous experience is with the client
meerly for the sake of obtaining the src, and building -- _not_ maintaining a tree. I've
read what little is available in the handbook, and much of the Subversion book. But there are
clearly different procedures/nuances where FreeBSD maintenance is concerned, both in the
building of Subversion, and it's usage, where FreeBSD is concerned. The biggest questions
in this regard, is;
1) what to do with my current INDEX-8 && INDEX-8.db files?
2) what of the "distfiles" directory
Do I simply copy them over, and "check them in"?
Surely I'm not the only one that still has questions in this regard.

Thank you for all your time, and consideration.


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