svn commit: r241378 - in stable/8/sys/dev: cardbus pci

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Oct 9 19:04:24 UTC 2012

On Tuesday, October 09, 2012 2:45:08 pm John Baldwin wrote:
> Author: jhb
> Date: Tue Oct  9 18:45:08 2012
> New Revision: 241378
> URL:
> Log:
>   MFC 201279,201280,201286,213907,214146,220195,222753,223371,225515,235833:
>   Various fixes to managing PCI BARs including proper support for managing
>   - Teach the PCI bus driver to handle PCIR_BIOS BARs properly and remove
>     special handling for the PCIR_BIOS decoding enable bit from the cardbus
>     driver.  The PCIR_BIOS BAR does include type bits like other BARs.
>     Instead, it is always a 32-bit non-prefetchable memory BAR where the low
>     bit is used as a flag to enable decoding.
>   - Explicitly track the state of all known BARs for each PCI device.  The PCI
>     bus driver will now remember the size of a BAR obtained during the initial
>     bus scan and use that size when doing lazy resource allocation rather than
>     resizing the BAR.  The bus driver will now also report unallocated BARs to
>     userland for display by 'pciconf -lb'.
>   - Add a constant for the offset of the ROM BIOS BAR in PCI-PCI bridges and
>     properly handle ROM BIOS BARs in PCI-PCI bridges.  The PCI bus now also
>     properly handles the lack of a ROM BIOS BAR in a PCI-Cardbus bridge.
>   Tested by:	John Kozubik  john kozubik com

In particular this fixes problems with the cardbus driver not being able to read
CIS information from cards that stored their CIS in a PCI ROM BAR.

John Baldwin

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