svn commit: r235617 - stable/8/etc

Eygene Ryabinkin rea at
Fri May 18 18:32:44 UTC 2012

Author: rea (ports committer)
Date: Fri May 18 18:32:44 2012
New Revision: 235617

  /etc/netstart: remove invocation of dhclient
  dhclient is no longer a real service, it is a helper script
  for /etc/rc.d/netif and devd.  Its direct invocation isn't
  needed to bring the network up.
  Approved by: jhb, delphij

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/etc/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/etc/netstart
--- stable/8/etc/netstart	Fri May 18 18:29:44 2012	(r235616)
+++ stable/8/etc/netstart	Fri May 18 18:32:44 2012	(r235617)
@@ -52,7 +52,6 @@ _start=quietstart
 # . /etc/rc.d/ ${_start}
 /etc/rc.d/netif ${_start}
 /etc/rc.d/ipsec ${_start}
-/etc/rc.d/dhclient ${_start}
 /etc/rc.d/ppp ${_start}
 /etc/rc.d/ipfw ${_start}
 /etc/rc.d/network_ipv6 ${_start}

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