svn commit: r237464 - in stable: 7/usr.bin/makewhatis 8/usr.bin/makewhatis 9/usr.bin/makewhatis

Xin LI delphij at
Sat Jun 23 00:37:33 UTC 2012

Author: delphij
Date: Sat Jun 23 00:37:32 2012
New Revision: 237464

  MFC r237348:
  Currently the code uses gzFile * for a zlib file descriptor, which
  is not correct.  The code works by accident because gzFile is
  currently defined as void *, and internally it would be casted from
  or to its real type.
  A newer version of zlib will instead define it as a pointer to a
  specific type pointer (namely, struct gzFile_s *).  This therefore
  would cause stricter checks and compiler would catch this type
  This change does not cause any changes to the resulting binary,
  as validated with md5(1).

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/usr.bin/makewhatis/   (props changed)

Changes in other areas also in this revision:
Directory Properties:
  stable/7/usr.bin/makewhatis/   (props changed)
  stable/9/usr.bin/makewhatis/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/usr.bin/makewhatis/makewhatis.c
--- stable/8/usr.bin/makewhatis/makewhatis.c	Fri Jun 22 22:59:42 2012	(r237463)
+++ stable/8/usr.bin/makewhatis/makewhatis.c	Sat Jun 23 00:37:32 2012	(r237464)
@@ -693,7 +693,7 @@ enum { STATE_UNKNOWN, STATE_MANSTYLE, ST
 static void
 process_page(struct page_info *page, char *section_dir)
-	gzFile *in;
+	gzFile in;
 	char buffer[4096];
 	char *line;
 	StringList *names;

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