svn commit: r238556 - stable/8/sys/dev/fb

Konstantin Belousov kib at
Tue Jul 17 19:14:13 UTC 2012

Author: kib
Date: Tue Jul 17 19:14:12 2012
New Revision: 238556

  MFC r237203,r237223 (by phk):
  Fix writes to the video memory of the VGA to always use half-word sized
  Approved by:    phk

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/sys/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/sys/dev/fb/fbreg.h
--- stable/8/sys/dev/fb/fbreg.h	Tue Jul 17 19:00:46 2012	(r238555)
+++ stable/8/sys/dev/fb/fbreg.h	Tue Jul 17 19:14:12 2012	(r238556)
@@ -35,9 +35,17 @@
 /* some macros */
 #if defined(__amd64__) || defined(__i386__)
-#define bcopy_io(s, d, c)	bcopy((void *)(s), (void *)(d), (c))
-#define bcopy_toio(s, d, c)	bcopy((void *)(s), (void *)(d), (c))
-#define bcopy_fromio(s, d, c)	bcopy((void *)(s), (void *)(d), (c))
+static __inline void
+copyw(uint16_t *src, uint16_t *dst, size_t size)
+	size >>= 1;
+	while (size--)
+		*dst++ = *src++;
+#define bcopy_io(s, d, c)	copyw((void*)(s), (void*)(d), (c))
+#define bcopy_toio(s, d, c)	copyw((void*)(s), (void*)(d), (c))
+#define bcopy_fromio(s, d, c)	copyw((void*)(s), (void*)(d), (c))
 #define bzero_io(d, c)		bzero((void *)(d), (c))
 #define fill_io(p, d, c)	fill((p), (void *)(d), (c))
 #define fillw_io(p, d, c)	fillw((p), (void *)(d), (c))

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