svn commit: r226328 - stable/8/etc/devd

Gavin Atkinson gavin at
Wed Oct 12 21:38:49 UTC 2011

Author: gavin
Date: Wed Oct 12 21:38:48 2011
New Revision: 226328

  Merge r223566 from head:
    The SMCWUSBG is a zyd(4) device, not an uath(4) device.  Remove from
    the latter.
    It appears that the addition to uath(4) came in through PR kern/135009,
    which had tested another device, the SMCWUSBTG2, successfully with
    uath(4) and included the SMCWUSBG as it "has the same chipset".  I can
    find no other evidence that these two do actually share the same chipset.
    Moreover, Linux treats the SMCWUSBG as a zyd(4) device also.
  This is a partial merge, as it appears that the kernel parts of r223566
  were already merged in r223605.
  Discussed with:	hselasky, kevlo

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/etc/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/etc/devd/uath.conf
--- stable/8/etc/devd/uath.conf	Wed Oct 12 21:06:54 2011	(r226327)
+++ stable/8/etc/devd/uath.conf	Wed Oct 12 21:38:48 2011	(r226328)
@@ -3,13 +3,13 @@
 # Atheros USB wireless network device specific devd events
 # Accton
 notify 100 {
 	match "system"		"USB";
 	match "subsystem"	"DEVICE";
 	match "type"		"ATTACH";
 	match "vendor"		"0x083a";
-	match "product"		"(0x4505|0x4507)";
+	match "product"		"0x4507";
 	action "/usr/sbin/uathload -d /dev/$cdev";

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