svn commit: r222411 - in stable/8/sys: modules/cc modules/cc/cc_vegas netinet/cc

Lawrence Stewart lstewart at
Sat May 28 08:28:37 UTC 2011

Author: lstewart
Date: Sat May 28 08:28:37 2011
New Revision: 222411

  MFC r218152,218156:
  Import a clean-room implementation of the VEGAS congestion control algorithm
  based on the paper "TCP Vegas: end to end congestion avoidance on a global
  internet" by Brakmo and Peterson. It is implemented as a kernel module
  compatible with the recently committed modular congestion control framework.
  VEGAS uses network delay as a congestion indicator and unlike regular loss-based
  algorithms, attempts to keep the network operating with stable queuing delays
  and no congestion losses. By keeping network buffers used along the path within
  a set range, queuing delays are kept low while maintaining high throughput.
  In collaboration with:	David Hayes <dahayes at swin edu au> and
  				Grenville Armitage <garmitage at swin edu au>
  Sponsored by:	FreeBSD Foundation
  Reviewed by:	bz and others along the way

     - copied from r218152, head/sys/modules/cc/cc_vegas/
     - copied, changed from r218152, head/sys/netinet/cc/cc_vegas.c
Directory Properties:
  stable/8/sys/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/amd64/include/xen/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/contrib/dev/acpica/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/contrib/pf/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/sys/modules/cc/Makefile
--- stable/8/sys/modules/cc/Makefile	Sat May 28 08:24:22 2011	(r222410)
+++ stable/8/sys/modules/cc/Makefile	Sat May 28 08:28:37 2011	(r222411)
@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
 # $FreeBSD$
 SUBDIR=	cc_cubic \
-	cc_htcp
+	cc_htcp \
+	cc_vegas
 .include <>

Copied and modified: stable/8/sys/netinet/cc/cc_vegas.c (from r218152, head/sys/netinet/cc/cc_vegas.c)
--- head/sys/netinet/cc/cc_vegas.c	Tue Feb  1 06:17:00 2011	(r218152, copy source)
+++ stable/8/sys/netinet/cc/cc_vegas.c	Sat May 28 08:28:37 2011	(r222411)
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
  * based on L. S. Brakmo and L. L. Peterson, "TCP Vegas: end to end congestion
  * avoidance on a global internet", IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., vol. 13, no. 8,
  * pp. 1465-1480, Oct. 1995. The original Vegas duplicate ack policy has not
- * been implemented, since clock ticks are not as course as they were (i.e.
+ * been implemented, since clock ticks are not as coarse as they were (i.e.
  * 500ms) when Vegas was designed. Also, packets are timed once per RTT as in
  * the original paper.

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