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Glen Barber gjb at
Thu Jul 28 04:56:36 UTC 2011

On 7/28/11 12:52 AM, Jason Hellenthal wrote:
>> This is not always true when the source and destination live on the
>> same filesystem.  See rename(2).
>> Via VOP_RENAME, individual filesystems can override this behavior if
>> needed (e.g. for AFS where permissions are per-directory, so a
>> cross-directory copy would return EXDEV).
> Ok so in the least words... be careful of poor administration
> techniques that is trying to be explained here. The only real example I
> could think of that relates to the example above would be in the case of
> a hardlink that rests on the same filesystem.
> Anyway just a nit-pick it just seems trying to explain these things in
> example throughout a manual page can lead a user in the direction of
> thought that everything has been explained or that is all the examples
> and seems would be better off in a security aware section of a handbook
> rather than mudding up the manual page.


Feel free to submit patches to the original PR if you feel the
explanation that has been committed is sub-par to what you expect.

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