svn commit: r224461 - stable/8/usr.sbin/mountd

Rick Macklem rmacklem at
Tue Jul 26 20:51:59 UTC 2011

Author: rmacklem
Date: Tue Jul 26 20:51:58 2011
New Revision: 224461

  MFC: r223954
  Try and fix the exports.5 man page so that it clarifies how
  NFSv4 exports are handled. Improved by comments from
  mckusick, kudak at and bde.
  This is a content change.

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/usr.sbin/mountd/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/usr.sbin/mountd/exports.5
--- stable/8/usr.sbin/mountd/exports.5	Tue Jul 26 19:05:59 2011	(r224460)
+++ stable/8/usr.sbin/mountd/exports.5	Tue Jul 26 20:51:58 2011	(r224461)
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
 .\"     @(#)exports.5	8.3 (Berkeley) 3/29/95
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd June 30, 2008
+.Dd July 12, 2011
@@ -72,6 +72,13 @@ that can be mounted on by the correspond
 There are three forms of this specification.
 The first is to list all mount points as absolute
 directory paths separated by whitespace.
+This list of directory paths should be considered an
+.Dq administrative control , 
+since it is only enforced by the
+.Xr mountd 8
+daemon and not the kernel.
+As such, it only applies to NFSv2 and NFSv3 mounts and only
+with respect to the client's use of the mount protocol.
 The second is to specify the pathname of the root of the file system
 followed by the
 .Fl alldirs
@@ -81,8 +88,21 @@ including regular files if the
 .Fl r
 option is used on
 .Xr mountd 8 .
+Because NFSv4 does not use the mount protocol,
+.Dq administrative controls 
+are not applied.
+Thus, all the above export line(s) should be considered to have the
+.Fl alldirs
+flag, even if the line is specified without it.
 The third form has the string ``V4:'' followed by a single absolute path
 name, to specify the NFSv4 tree root.
+This line does not export any file system, but simply marks where the root
+of the server's directory tree is for NFSv4 clients.
+The exported file systems for NFSv4 are specified via the other lines
+in the
+.Xr exports 5
+file in the same way as for NFSv2 and NFSv3.
 The pathnames must not have any symbolic links in them and should not have
 .Dq Pa \&.

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