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Wed Feb 23 19:07:51 UTC 2011

Author: hrs
Date: Wed Feb 23 19:07:50 2011
New Revision: 218977

  Import and update relnotes items for 8.2R:
  	fix SA table's cell width[1],
  	alq(4) improvement in details, TCP reassembly improved[2],
  	xz rewording[3], and
  	various grammer fixes[4].
  Suggested by:	dougb[1], keramida[1], lstewart[2], mm[3], mandree[4].


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-    <year>2010</year>
+    <year>2011</year>
     <holder role="mailto:doc at">The &os; Documentation Project</holder>
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@
 	advisories available from
 	<ulink url=""></ulink>.</para>
-      <informaltable frame="none" pgwide="0">
+      <informaltable frame="none" pgwide="1">
 	<tgroup cols="3">
 	  <colspec colwidth="1*">
 	  <colspec colwidth="1*">
@@ -132,64 +132,24 @@
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-09:15.ssl</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>3&nbsp;Dec&nbsp;2009</entry>
-		<entry><para>SSL protocol flaw</para></entry>
+		<entry><ulink url=""
+			      >SA-10:08.bzip2</ulink></entry>
+		<entry>20&nbsp;September&nbsp;2010</entry>
+		<entry><para>Integer overflow in bzip2 decompression</para></entry>
+<!-- XXX: not for 8.2
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-09:16.rtld</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>3&nbsp;Dec&nbsp;2009</entry>
-		<entry><para>Improper environment sanitization in &man.rtld.1;</para></entry>
+		<entry><ulink url=""
+			      >SA-10:09.pseudofs</ulink></entry>
+		<entry>10&nbsp;October&nbsp;2010</entry>
+		<entry><para>Spurious mutex unlock</para></entry>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-09:17.freebsd-update</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>3&nbsp;Dec&nbsp;2009</entry>
-		<entry><para>Inappropriate directory permissions in &man.freebsd-update.8;</para></entry>
-	      </row>
-	      <row>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-10:01.bind</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>6&nbsp;Jan&nbsp;2010</entry>
-		<entry><para>BIND &man.named.8; cache poisoning with DNSSEC validation</para></entry>
-	      </row>
-	      <row>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-10:02.ntpd</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>6&nbsp;Jan&nbsp;2010</entry>
-		<entry><para>ntpd mode 7 denial of service</para></entry>
-	      </row>
-	      <row>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-10:03.zfs</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>6&nbsp;Jan&nbsp;2010</entry>
-		<entry><para>ZFS ZIL playback with insecure permissions</para></entry>
-	      </row>
-	      <row>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-10:04.jail</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>27&nbsp;May&nbsp;2010</entry>
-		<entry><para>Insufficient environment sanitization in &man.jail.8;</para></entry>
-	      </row>
-	      <row>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-10:05.opie</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>27&nbsp;May&nbsp;2010</entry>
-		<entry><para>OPIE off-by-one stack overflow</para></entry>
-	      </row>
-	      <row>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-10:06.nfsclient</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>27&nbsp;May&nbsp;2010</entry>
-		<entry><para>Unvalidated input in nfsclient</para></entry>
-	      </row>
-	      <row>
-		<entry><ulink url=""
-			      >SA-10:07.mbuf</ulink></entry>
-		<entry>13&nbsp;July&nbsp;2010</entry>
-		<entry><para>Lost mbuf flag resulting in data corruption</para></entry>
+		<entry><ulink url=""
+			      >SA-10:10.openssl</ulink></entry>
+		<entry>29&nbsp;November&nbsp;2010</entry>
+		<entry><para>OpenSSL multiple vulnerabilities</para></entry>
@@ -199,1266 +159,1026 @@
     <sect2 id="kernel">
       <title>Kernel Changes</title>
-      <para>The &man.ddb.4; debugger has been improved:</para>
-      <itemizedlist>
-	<listitem>
-	  <para>It now supports <command>show
-	      ifnets</command> and <command>show ifnet <replaceable>struct
-		ifnet *</replaceable></command> commands to print a list of
-	    <quote>ifnet *</quote> of each virtual network stack and
-	    fields of specified <varname>fip</varname>,
-	    respectively.</para>
-	</listitem>
-	<listitem>
-	  <para>It now supports <command>show all
-	      lltables</command>, <command>show lltable
-	      <replaceable>struct lltable *</replaceable></command>, and
-	    <command>show llentry <replaceable>struct llentry
-		*</replaceable></command> commands to print a list of
-	    <quote>lltable *</quote> of each virtual network stack,
-	    fields of specified structures respectively.</para>
-	</listitem>
-	<listitem>
-	  <para>The <command>show mount</command> command now prints
-	    active string mount options.</para>
-	</listitem>
-	<listitem>
-	  <para>It now supports <command>show
-	      vnetrcrs</command> command to dump the whole log of
-	    distinctive <varname>curvnet</varname> recursion
-	    events.</para>
-	</listitem>
-	<listitem>
-	  <para>It now supports <command>show
-	      vnet_sysinit</command> and <command>show
-	      vnet_unsysinit</command> commands to print
-	    ordered call lists.</para>
-	</listitem>
-      </itemizedlist>
-      <para>A new kernel thread called <quote>deadlock
-	  resolver</quote> has been added.  This can be used to detect
-	possible deadlock by using information of thread state and
-	heuristic analysis.  This is not enabled by default.  To
-	enable this, an option <option>option DEADLKRES</option> in
-	kernel configuration file and recompilation of the
-	kernel.</para>
-      <para>The default &man.devfs.5; rules now expose the upper 256
-	of &man.pty.4; device nodes.</para>
-      <para>Two commands to enable/disable read-ahead have been added
-	to &man.fcntl.2; system call:</para>
-      <itemizedlist>
-	<listitem>
-	  <para><varname>F_READAHEAD</varname> specifies the amount
-	    for sequential access.  The amount is specified in bytes and is
-	    rounded up to nearest block size.</para>
-	</listitem>
-	<listitem>
-	  <para><varname>F_RDAHEAD</varname> is a Darwin compatible
-	    version that use 128KB as the sequential access
-	    size.</para>
-	</listitem>
-      </itemizedlist>
-      <para>Note that the read-ahead amount is also limited by
-	sysctl variable <varname>vfs.read_max</varname>, which may
-	need to be raised in order to better utilize this
-	feature.</para>
-      <para>The &man.lindev.4; driver has been added.  This is for
-	supporting various Linux-specific pseudo devices such as
-	<filename>/dev/full</filename>.  Note that this is not
-	included in <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
-      <para>A POSIX function pselect(3) has been reimplemented as a
-	system call &man.pselect.2; to eliminate race
-	condition.</para>
-      <para>A kernel option <option>option
-	  INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE</option> has been added to
-	<filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel by default.</para>
-      <para>A bug in the &man.sched.4bsd.4; scheduler that the
-	timestamp for the sleeping operation is not cleaned up on the
-	wakeup has been fixed.</para>
-      <para>A race condition in the &man.sched.4bsd.4; scheduler has
-	been fixed.</para>
-      <para>A bug in the &man.sched.ule.4; scheduler which prevented
-	process usage (<literal>%CPU</literal>) from working correctly
-	has been fixed.</para>
-      <para>New SDT (Statically Defined Tracing) probes such as ones
-	for <literal>opencrypto</literal> and <literal>vnet</literal>
-	have been added to &os; &man.dtrace.1; subsystem.</para>
-      <para arch="powerpc">&os; now supports SMP in PowerPC G5
-	systems.  Note that SMP support on &os;/&arch.powerpc; is
-	disabled by default in <filename>GENERIC</filename>
-	kernel.</para>
-      <para arch="sparc64">&os; now supports UltraSPARC IV, IV+, and
-	SPARC64 V CPUs.</para>
-      <para>The &man.syscons.4; driver has been improved.  The history
-	buffer can be fully saved/restored in the VESA mode switching
-	via a loader tunable
-	<varname><replaceable>0</replaceable>.vesa_mode</varname>.</para>
-      <para>A bug in the &man.tty.4; driver that
-	<varname>TIOCSTI</varname> did not work has been fixed.  This
-	affects applications like &man.mail.1;.</para>
-      <para arch="amd64,i386">An x86 real mode emulator based on
-	OpenBSD's x86emu implementation has been added to improve real
-	mode BIOS call support on both &arch.i386; and &arch.amd64;.
-	The &man.atkbdc.4;, &man.dpms.4;, vesa(4), &man.vga.4; driver
-	now use this emulator and work on the both platforms.</para>
-      <para>The VIMAGE &man.jail.8; virtualization container can work
-	with &man.sctp.4; now.  Note that the VIMAGE is not enabled by
-	default in <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
-      <para>The VIMAGE &man.jail.8; now supports
-	<varname>ip4.saddrsel</varname>,
-	<varname>ip4.nosaddrsel</varname>,
-	<varname>ip6.saddrsel</varname>, and
-	<varname>ip6.nosaddrsel</varname> to control whether to use
-	source address selection or the primary jail address for
-	unbound outgoing connections.  The default value is to use
-	source address selection.</para>
+      <para arch="ia64" revision="209326">The maximum number of pages
+	used for DMA bounce buffer pool has been increased from 256 to
+	1024.</para>
+      <para arch="powerpc" revision="209765">The default value of
+	<varname>kern.hz</varname> has been increased from 100 to
+	1000.</para>
+      <para arch="powerpc" revision="209767">The SMP kernel now works on
+	MPC7400-based Apple desktop machines such as
+	PowerMac3,3.</para>
+      <para arch="powerpc" revision="211593">&os;/powerpc now supports
+	DMA bounce buffer which is required on systems with larger RAM
+	than 4GB.</para>
+      <para arch="mips" revision="215938">&os;/mips support has been
+	improved.  It now supports SMP on a SWARM with a dual-core
+	Sibyte processor.</para>
+      <para arch="mips">&os;/mips now supports Netlogic Microsystems'
+	XLR and XLS multi-core processor families.</para>
+      <para arch="sparc64" revision="215598">&os;/sparc64 now supports
+	reservation-based physical memory allocation which provides
+	better performance.</para>
+      <para arch="amd64" revision="214620">&os;/amd64 now always sets
+	the KVA space as equal to or larger than physical memory size.
+	The default size was calculated based on one-third of the
+	physical memory size by a code derived from one for i386.  It
+	has been changed because constraints for memory space are not
+	severe on amd64 and this change would help to prevent a
+	<quote>kmem_map too small</quote> panic which often occurs
+	when using ZFS.</para>
+      <para arch="amd64,i386" revision="214621">CPU topology detection
+	for Intel CPUs has been improved.</para>
+      <para arch="amd64,i386" revision="215513">ACPI suspend/resume
+	functionality support has been improved.</para>
+      <para arch="amd64,i386" revision="215513">&os; kernel now
+	supports <function>kern_fpu_enter()</function> and
+	<function>kern_fpu_leave()</function> KPIs which allow the
+	kernel subsystems to use XMM register files used in Intel SSE
+	(Streaming SIMD Extensions).</para>
+      <para arch="amd64,i386,ia64" revision="215006">The &man.acpi.4;
+	driver now uses ACPI Reset Register capability by default only
+	when a flag in the FADT which indicates it is available.  This
+	behavior was controlled by a &man.sysctl.8; variable
+	<varname>hw.acpi.handle_reboot</varname> and the default value
+	was always set to <literal>0</literal>.</para>
+      <para arch="amd64,i386,ia64" revision="215521">The &man.acpi.4;
+	driver now supports new loader tunables
+	<varname>hw.acpi.install_interface</varname> and
+	<varname>hw.acpi.remove_interface</varname>.  For more
+	details, see &man.acpi.4; manual page.</para>
+      <para revision="209788">The &man.alq.9; support has been
+	improved.  The <function>alq_writen()</function> and
+	<function>alq_getn()</function> KPIs have been extended to
+	support variable length messages, which is enabled at ALQ
+	creation time depending on the arguments passed to
+	<function>alq_open()</function>.  Also, the
+	<literal>ALQ_NOACTIVATE</literal> and
+	<literal>ALQ_ORDERED</literal> flags have been added to allow
+	ALQ consumers to have more control over I/O scheduling and
+	resource acquisition respectively.  These extensions are fully
+	backward compatible.</para>
+      <para revision="209783">The &man.alq.9; support is now provided
+	as a kernel module <filename>alq.ko</filename>.</para>
+      <para revision="209692">The &man.ddb.8; kernel debugger now
+	supports an optional delay in <command>reset</command> and
+	<command>reboot</command> commands.  This allows an
+	administrator to break the system into debugger and trigger
+	automatic textdump when an unattended panic occurs.</para>
+      <para revision="212230">The &man.ddb.8; kernel debugger now
+	supports a <command>show cdev</command> command.  This
+	displays the list of all created cdev's, consisting of devfs
+	node name and struct cdev address.</para>
+      <para revision="214326">The &os; <filename>GENERIC</filename>
+	kernel is now compiled with <option>KDB</option> and
+	<option>KDB_TRACE</option> options.  From 8.2-RELEASE the
+	kernel supports displaying a stack trace on panic by using
+	&man.stack.9; facility with no debugger backend like
+	&man.ddb.8;.  Note that this does not change the default
+	behaviors of the <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel on
+	panic.</para>
+      <para revision="213554,213556,213560">The following
+	&man.sysctl.8; variables are also now loader tunables:
+	<varname>vm.kmem_size</varname>,
+	<varname>vm.kmem_size_max</varname>, and
+	<varname>vm.kmem_size_min</varname>,
+	<varname>debug.kdb.stop_cpus</varname>,
+	<varname>debug.trace_on_panic</varname>, and
+	<varname>kern.sync_on_panic</varname>.  Also, new
+	&man.sysctl.8; variables <varname>vm.kmem_map_size</varname>
+	for the current kmem map size and
+	<varname>vm.kmem_map_free</varname> for largest contiguous
+	free range in kmem map, <varname>vfs.ncsizefactor</varname>
+	for size factor for namecache, and
+	<varname>vfs.ncnegfactor</varname> for ratio of negative
+	namecache entries have been added.</para>
+      <para revision="212427">The &os; &man.memguard.9; framework has
+	been improved to make it able to detect use-after-free of
+	allocated memories over a longer time.  For more details, see
+	&man.memguard.9; manual page.</para>
+      <para revision="214756"><literal>PT_LWPINFO</literal> request to
+	obtain information about the kernel thread that caused the
+	traced process to stop in the &man.ptrace.2; process tracing
+	and debugging facility has been improved.  It now reports
+	system call entry and leave events, as well as availability of
+	<varname>siginfo_t</varname> accompanying the reported
+	signal.</para>
+      <para revision="214254">The &os; &man.crypto.4; framework
+	(opencrypto) now supports XTS-AES (XEX-TCB-CTS, or XEX-based
+	Tweaked Code Book mode with CipherText Stealing), which is
+	defined in IEEE Std. 1619-2007.</para>
+      <para arch="amd64" revision="215788">Xen HVM support in
+	&os;/amd64 kernel has been improved.  For more details, see
+	&man.xen.4; manual page.</para>
+      <para arch="amd64,i386" revision="214784">The qpi(4) pseudo bus
+	driver has been added.  This supports extra PCI buses on Intel
+	QPI chipsets where various hardware such as memory controllers
+	for each socket is connected.</para>
       <sect3 id="boot">
 	<title>Boot Loader Changes</title>
-	<para arch="pc98">The <filename>boot2</filename> bootcode has
-	  been reimplemented based on the &arch.i386 counterpart.  It
-	  now supports ELF binary, UFS2 file system, and larger number
-	  of slices.</para>
-	<para arch="ia64">The EFI <filename>loader</filename> program
-	  now supports a command-line option <option>-dev
-	    <replaceable>currdev</replaceable></option> to specify the
-	  default value of <varname>currdev</varname>.  This option
-	  can be set by the EFI boot manager.</para>
-	<para arch="powerpc">The &man.loader.8; program now supports
-	  U-Boot storage.</para>
-	<para arch="i386">The algorithm the &man.loader.8; uses has
-	  been improved to choose a memory range for its heap when
-	  using a range above 1MB.  This fixes a symptom that the
-	  loader fails to load a kernel.</para>
-        <para>A kernel environment variable
-	  <varname>vfs.root.mountfrom</varname> now supports
-	  multiple elements for root file system in a space-separated
-	  list.  Each list element will be tried in order and the
-	  first available one will be mounted.</para>
-        <para>The <filename>zfsloader</filename> has been added.  This
-	  is a separate &man.zfs.8; enabled loader.  Note that a ZFS
-	  bootcode (<filename>zfsboot</filename> or
-	  <filename>gptzfsboot</filename>) need to be installed
-	  to use this new loader.</para>
-        <para>The <filename>zfsboot</filename> and
-	  <filename>gptzfsboot</filename> bootcode now fully support
-	  64-bit LBAs for disk addresses.  This allows booting from
-	  large volumes.</para>
+	<para revision="213994">&os; now fully supports GPT (GUID
+	  Partition Table).  Checksums of primary header and primary
+	  partition table are verified properly now.</para>
+	<para arch="powerpc" revision="215919,215920">Memory
+	  management issues that prevented &os; OpenFirmware loader
+	  and netbooting from working have been fixed.</para>
+	<para revision="212717">The &man.pxeboot.8; now uses NFS
+	  version 3 instead of version 2 by default.</para>
       <sect3 id="proc">
 	<title>Hardware Support</title>
-        <para arch="powerpc">The <filename>adb</filename> driver now
-	  supports for interpreting taps on ADB touchpads as a button
-	  click.</para>
-        <para>The amdsbwd(4) driver for AMD SB600/SB7xx watchdog
-	  timer has been added.</para>
-        <para arch="powerpc">The <filename>apt</filename> driver for
-	  the Apple Touchpad present on MacBook has been added to
-	  <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
-        <para arch="sparc64">The epic(4) driver for the front panel
-	  LEDs in Sun Fire V215/V245 has been added.</para>
-        <para>A bug in the &man.ipmi.4; driver that caused incorrect
-	  watchdog timer setting has been fixed.</para>
-        <para arch="sparc64">The &man.pci.4; driver now supports a
-	  JBus to PCIe bridge (called as <quote>Fire</quote>) found in
-	  the Sun Fire V215/V245 and Sun Ultra 25/45 machines.</para>
-        <para arch="powerpc">The &man.smu.4; driver now provides
-	  thermal management and monitoring features.  This allows fan
-	  control and thermal monitoring on SMU-based Apple G5
-	  machines, as well as an &man.led.4; interface to control the
-	  sleep LED.</para>
-	<para>The &man.tnt4882.4; driver for IEEE-488 (GPIB) bus now
-	  supports National Instruments TNT5004 chip.</para>
-        <para>The &man.uart.4; driver now supports NetMos NM9865
-	  family of Serial/Parallel ports.</para>
-	<para>The &man.uep.4; driver for USB onscreen touch panel
-	  from eGalax has been added.  This driver is supported by
-	  <filename>x11-drivers/xf86-input-egalax</filename>.</para>
-	<para>A bug in the &man.uftdi.4; driver that can allow to send
-	  a zero length packet has been fixed.</para>
-	<para>The &man.usb.4; subsystem now reports &man.devd.8;
-	  <literal>notify</literal> events with the device properties
-	  instead of <literal>attach</literal> events.  The following is an
-	  example entry of &man.devd.conf.5; to match a &man.umass.4;
-	  device with a SCSI subclass and BBB protocol:</para>
-	<programlisting>notify 100 {
-	match "system"		"USB";
-	match "subsystem"	"INTERFACE";
-	match "type"		"ATTACH";
-	match "intclass"	"0x08";
-	match "intsubclass"	"0x06";
-	match "intprotocol"	"0x50";
-	action "/path/to/command -flag";
+	<para arch="amd64,i386" revision="215633">The &man.aesni.4;
+	  driver has been added.  This supports AES accelerator on
+	  Intel CPUs and accelerates AES operations for
+	  &man.crypto.4;.</para>
+	<para arch="amd64,i386" revision="210476">The &man.aibs.4;
+	  driver has been added.  This supports the hardware sensors
+	  in ASUS motherboards and replaces the &man.acpi.aiboost.4;
+	  driver.</para>
+	<para arch="amd64,i386" revision="211914">The &man.coretemp.4;
+	  driver now supports Xeon 5500/5600 series.</para>
+	<para arch="powerpc" revision="215694">&os;/powerpc now
+	  supports the I2C bus in Apple System Management Unit.</para>
+	<para arch="powerpc" revision="215695">A device driver that
+	  supports CPU temperature sensors on PowerMac 11,2 has been
+	  added.</para>
+	<para revision="215482">The &man.ehci.4;, &man.ohci.4;, and
+	  &man.uhci.4; driver now support LOW speed BULK transfer
+	  mode.</para>
+	<para arch="amd64,i386" revision="209952">The &man.ichwd.4;
+	  driver now supports Intel NM10 Express chipset watchdog
+	  timer.</para>
+	<para revision="215036">The &man.tpm.4; driver, which supports
+	  Trusted Platform Module has been added.</para>
+	<para revision="215944">The xhci(4) driver, which supports
+	  Extensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) and USB 3.0, has
+	  been added.</para>
 	<sect4 id="mm">
 	  <title>Multimedia Support</title>
-          <para>The &; driver now supports LCD
-	    brightness control notify handler.</para>
-          <para>The &; helper driver now supports
-	    default display brightness, wired LAN power, and bass
-	    gain.</para>
-          <para>The &man.agp.4; driver has been improved.  It includes
-	    a fix for aperture size calculation issue which prevents
-	    some graphics cards from working.</para>
-          <para>The &man.snd.hda.4; driver now allows AD1981HD codecs
-	    to use playback mixer.</para>
-          <para>The &man.snd.hda.4; driver now supports multichannel
-	    (4.0 and 7.1) playback support.  The 5.1 mode support is
-	    disabled now due to unidentified synchronization problem.
-	    Devices which supports the 7.1 mode can handle the 5.1
-	    operation via software upmix done by &man.sound.4;.  Note
-	    that stereo stream is no longer duplicated to all
-	    ports.</para>
+	  <para>The &os; Linux emulation subsystem now supports the
+	    <application>video4linux</application> API.  This requires
+	    native <application>video4linux</application> hardware
+	    drivers such as the ones provided by <filename
+	    role="ports">multimedia/pwcbsd</filename> and <filename
+	    role="ports">multimedia/webcamd</filename>.</para>
+	  <para revision="215483">MIDI input buffer size in the
+	    &man.uaudio.4; driver has been changed.  This fixes a
+	    problem where the input appears several seconds
+	    late.</para>
+	  <para revision="215484">An issue in the &man.uaudio.4;
+	    driver that prevented some USB audio devices from working
+	    has been fixed.</para>
 	<sect4 id="net-if">
 	  <title>Network Interface Support</title>
-          <para>The &man.ath.4; driver now supports Atheros
-	    AR9285-based devices.</para>
+	  <para revision="212021">The &man.alc.4; driver now supports
+	    Atheros AR8151/AR8152 PCIe Gigabit/Fast Ethernet
+	    controllers.</para>
-          <para>A bug in the &man.ath.4; driver which causes a problem
-	    of AR5416-based chipsets including AR9285 has been fixed.</para>
+	  <para revision="215003">A bug in the &man.alc.4; driver was
+	    fixed that could lead to a system freeze when the system
+	    was booted without a cable plugged in.  This symptom was
+	    found in AR8132 on EEE PC.</para>
+	  <para revision="212011">The TX interrupt moderation timer in
+	    the &man.alc.4; driver has been reduced from 50ms to 1ms.
+	    The 50ms timer resulted in a poor UDP performance.</para>
+	  <para revision="214297,214298,214301">The &man.axe.4; driver
+	    has been improved for stability and better performance on
+	    the TX packet rate.</para>
+	  <para revision="214997">The &man.bge.4; driver now supports
+	    BCM5718 x2 PCI Express dual-port gigabit Ethernet
+	    controller family.  This family is the successor to the
+	    BCM5714/BCM5715 family and supports IPv4/IPv6 checksum
+	    offloading, TSO, VLAN hardware tagging, jumbo frames,
+	    MSI/MSIX, IOV, RSS and TSS.  The current version of the
+	    driver supports all hardware features except IOV and
+	    RSS/TSS.</para>
-          <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports BCM5761, BCM5784, and
-	    BCM57780-based devices.</para>
+	  <para revision="211367">A bug in the &man.bge.4; driver which
+	    prevented TSO in BCM57780 from working has been
+	    fixed.</para>
-          <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports TSO (TCP
-	    Segmentation Offloading) on BCM5755 or newer
-	    controllers.</para>
+	  <para revision="214700">A bug in the &man.bge.4; driver that
+	    could wrongly disable the TX checksum offloading feature
+	    as well when one tries to disable only the RX checksum
+	    offloading has been fixed.</para>
+	  <para revision="214714">Some improvements for reliability of
+	    the &man.bge.4; driver with BCM5906 controller has been
+	    made.</para>
+	  <para revision="214698">The &man.bge.4; driver now supports
+	    hardware MAC statistics in controller's internal memory
+	    for BCM5705 or newer Broadcom controllers.  These counters
+	    can be accessed via &man.sysctl.8; variable
+	    <varname>dev.bge.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.stats.*</varname>
+	    and provide useful information to diagnose driver
+	    issues.</para>
+	  <para revision="213109">UDP checksum offloading in the
+	    &man.bge.4; driver has been disabled by default.  This is
+	    because Broadcom controllers have a bug which can generate
+	    UDP datagrams with checksum value <literal>0</literal>
+	    when TX UDP checksum offloading is enabled.  The checksum
+	    offloading can be enabled by using the following loader
+	    tunable:</para>
+	  <programlisting>dev.bge.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.forced_udpcsum</programlisting>
+	  <para revision="213593">A bug in the &man.bge.4; driver that
+	    could lead to poor performance on a system with more than
+	    4 GB RAM has been fixed.  The cause was that all of
+	    Broadcom controllers except the BCM5755 and later have a
+	    bug in 4 GB-boundary DMA processing and used the bounce
+	    buffer in an inefficient way.</para>
+	  <para revision="212275">The &man.bwi.4; driver, which supports
+	    Broadcom BCM430* and BCM431* family Wireless Ethernet
+	    controllers, has been added.  This is not compiled into
+	    the <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel because there are
+	    some problems.  The kernel module
+	    <filename>if_bwi.ko</filename> is available and can be
+	    loaded without recompiling the kernel to enable this
+	    driver.</para>
-          <para>A long-standing bug in the &man.bge.4; driver which
-	    was related to ASF heartbeat sending has been
+	  <para revision="212274">A bug in the &man.bwn.4; driver that
+	    prevented WPA authentication from working has been
-          <para>A long-standing stability issue of the &man.bce.4; and
-	    &man.bge.4; driver due to a hardware bug in its DMA
-	    handling when the system has more than 4GB memory has been
-	    fixed.  This applies to BCM5714, BCM5715, and BCM5708
-	    controllers.</para>
+	  <para revision="215499">A bug in the &man.cdce.4; driver has
+	    been fixed.</para>
-          <para>A bug in the &man.bge.4; driver that incorrectly
-	    enabled TSO on BCM5754/BCM5754M controllers has been
-	    fixed.</para>
+	  <para revision="211848">The &man.cxgb.4; driver now supports
+	    the following new &man.sysctl.8; variables:
+	    <varname>hw.cxgb.nfilters</varname> sets the maximum
+	    number of entries in the hardware filter table,
+	    <varname>dev.cxgbc.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.pkt_timestamp</varname>
+	    provides packet timestamp instead of connection hash, and
+	    <varname>dev.cxgbc.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.core_clock</varname>
+	    provides the core clock frequency in kHz.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.em.4; driver has been updated to version
+	    7.1.9.</para>
+	  <para>The &man.igb.4; driver has been updated to version
+	    2.0.7.</para>
+	  <para revision="209309">The &man.em.4; and &man.igb.4; drivers
+	    now provide statistics counters as &man.sysctl.8; MIB
+	    objects.</para>
+	  <para revision="211241">The &man.em.4; and &man.igb.4; drivers
+	    now support the &man.led.4; interface via
+	    <filename>/dev/led/em<replaceable>N</replaceable></filename>
+	    and
+	    <filename>/dev/led/igb<replaceable>N</replaceable></filename>
+	    for identification LED control.  The following command
+	    line makes the LED blink on <literal>em0</literal>:</para>
+	  <screen>&prompt.root; echo f2 &gt; /dev/led/em0</screen>
+	  <para revision="212150">The &man.epair.4; virtual Ethernet
+	    interface driver now supports explicit UP/DOWN linkstate.
+	    This fixes an issue when it is used with the &man.carp.4;
+	    protocol.</para>
+	  <para revision="214717">The &man.fxp.4; driver now supports
+	    TSO over VLAN on i82550 and i82551 controllers.</para>
+	  <para revision="210673">The &man.iwn.4; driver now supports
+	    Intel Wireless WiFi Link 6000 series.  The firmware has
+	    been updated to version</para>
+	  <para revision="212386">The &man.ixgbe.4;
+	    driver is now also provided as a kernel module.</para>
+	  <para revision="209308,215970,217593">The &man.ixgbe.4;
+	    driver has been updated to version 2.3.8.  It now supports
+	    82599, better interrupt handling, hardware assist to LRO,
+	    VM SRIOV interface, and so on.</para>
+	  <para
+	    revision="211379,215881,215890,2105894,216002,216023,216029,216031,216033">The
+	    &man.miibus.4; has been rewritten for the generic IEEE
+	    802.3 annex 31B full duplex flow control support.  The
+	    &man.alc.4;, &man.bge.4;, &man.bce.4;, &man.cas.4;,
+	    &man.fxp.4;, &man.gem.4;, &man.jme.4;, &man.msk.4;,
+	    &man.nfe.4;, &;, &man.stge.4;, and &man.xl.4;
+	    drivers along with atphy(4), bmtphy(4), brgphy(4),
+	    e1000phy(4), gentbi(4), inphy(4), ip1000phy(4), jmphy(4),
+	    nsgphy(4), nsphyter(4), and &man.rgephy.4; have been
+	    updated to support flow control via this facility.</para>
+	  <para revision="212386">The &man.mwlfw.4;
+	    driver is now also provided as a kernel module.</para>
+	  <para revision="216054">A bug in the &man.mxge.4; driver
+	    that prevented TSO from working has been fixed.</para>
-	  <para>A bug in the &man.if.bridge.4; driver has been fixed.
-	    The MTU was set based on the firstly-added member even if
-	    the addition failed.</para>
-	  <para>The &man.if.bridge.4; driver now supports
-	    <varname>SIOCSIFMTU</varname> ioctl.  For example,
-	    <command>ifconfig bridge0 mtu 1280</command> can change
-	    the MTU of <literal>bridge0</literal> to
-	    <literal>1280</literal>.  Changing the MTU is allowed only
-	    when all members have the same MTU value.</para>
-          <para>The &man.bwn.4; driver for Broadcom BCM43xx chipsets
-	    has been added.</para>
-          <para>The &man.cxgb.4; driver has been updated to T3
-	    firmware 7.8.0.</para>
-          <para>The &man.cxgb.4; driver now supports hardware
-	    filtering based on inspection of L2/L3/L4 headers.
-	    Filtering based on source IP address, destination IP
-	    address, source port number, destination port number,
-	    802.1q VLAN frame tag, UDP, TCP, and MAC address is
-	    possible.  The configuration can be done by the
-	    cxgbtool(8) utility.  Note that cxgbtool(8) is in
-	    <filename>src/usr.sbin/cxgbtool</filename> but not
-	    compiled by default.</para>
-          <para>The &man.em.4; driver has been updated to version
-	    7.0.5.</para>
-          <para>The et(4) driver now supports MSI and Tx checksum
-	    offloading of IPv4, TCP, and UDP.</para>
-	  <para>The &man.fxp.4; driver now exports the hardware MAC
-	    statistics via sysctl variables.</para>
-          <para>The &man.igb.4; driver has been updated to version
-	    1.9.5.</para>
-          <para>The &man.iwn.4; driver has been updated.  This
-	    includes various improvements and bugfixes regarding RF
-	    switch, bgscan support, suspend/resume support, locking
-	    issue, and more.  The line <literal>device iwnfw</literal>
-	    in the kernel configuration file will include all firmware
-	    images.</para>
-          <para>The &man.ixgbe.4; driver has been updated to version
-	    2.2.0.</para>
-          <para>The &man.msk.4; driver has been improved:</para>
-	  <itemizedlist>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>It now supports Marvell Yukon 88E8042, 88E8057,
-		88E8059 (Yukon Optima) devices and DGE-560SX (Yukon
-		XL).</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>A rudimentary interrupt moderation with
-		programmable countdown timer register has been
-		implemented.  The default parameter of the holdoff
-		time is 100us and this can be changed via sysctl
-		variable
-		<varname>dev.mskc.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.int_holdoff</varname>.
-		Note that the interrupt moderation is shared resource
-		on a dual-port controllers and it is impossible to use
-		separate interrupt moderation values for each
-		port.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>A stability issue has been fixed. A heavy RX
-		traffic while rebooting is in progress could prevent
-		the system from working.</para>
-	  </itemizedlist>
-          <para>The &man.mxge.4; driver has been updated to firmware
-	    version 1.4.50 from Myricom.</para>
-          <para>The &; driver no longer performs an
-	    unnecessary interface up/down during getting IP address
-	    via DHCP.</para>
-          <para>The &; driver now uses <literal>2048</literal>
-	    as PCIe Maximum Read Request Size.  This improves bulk
-	    transfer performance.</para>
-          <para>The &; driver for Ralink
-	    RT2700U/RT2800U/RT3000U USB 802.11agn devices has been
-	    added.</para>
-          <para>The sge(4) driver for Silicon Integrated Systems
-	    SiS190/191 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet has been added.  This
-	    supports TSO and TSO over VLAN.</para>
-          <para>The &man.ste.4; driver has been improved:</para>
-	  <itemizedlist>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>The DMA handling has been improved.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>Wake-On-LAN is now supported.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>Unnecessary reinitialization of the
-		interfaces has been eliminated.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>RX interrupt moderation with single shot timer has
-		been implemented.  The default parameter of the
-		moderation time is 150us and this can be changed via
-		sysctl variable
-		<varname>dev.ste.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.int_rx_mod</varname>.
-		Setting it 0 effectively disables the RX interrupt
-		moderation feature.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	  </itemizedlist>
-          <para>The tsec(4) driver now supports &man.altq.4;.</para>
-          <para>The &man.u3g.4; driver has been improved and now works
-	    with ZTE MF636, Option Gi0322, Globetrotter GE40x, and
-	    Novatel MC950D.</para>
-          <para>The &man.uhso.4; driver for Option HSDPA USB devices
-	    has been added.  A new &man.uhsoctl.1; userland utility
-	    can be used to initiate and close the WAN
-	    connection.</para>
-          <para>The &man.vge.4; driver has been improved:</para>
-	  <itemizedlist>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>The DMA handling has been improved.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>Wake-On-LAN is now supported.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>Unnecessary reinitialization of the
-		interfaces has been eliminated.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>Hardware MAC statistics are now supported via sysctl variables
-		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.stats</varname>.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	    <listitem>
-	      <para>Interrupt moderation with single shot timer and
-		scheme supported by VT61xx controllers have been
-		implemented.  The default parameters are tuned to
-		generate interrupt less than 8k per second, and these
-		parameters can be changed via sysctl variables
-		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.int_holdoff</varname>,
-		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.rx_coal_pkt</varname>,
-		and
-		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.tx_coal_pkt</varname>.
-		Note that an up/down cycle is needed to make a
-		parameter change take effect.</para>
-	    </listitem>
-	  </itemizedlist>
+	  <para revision="215456">The &man.nfe.4; driver now supports
+	    WoL (Wake on LAN).</para>
-          <para>The &man.urtw.4; driver has been improved and now
-	    supports RTL8187B-based devices.</para>
+	  <para revision="215218">The &; driver now supports
+	    64-bit DMA addressing for RTL810xE/RTL8168/RTL8111 PCIe
+	    controllers.</para>
-          <para>The &os; Xen netfront driver has been improved in
-	    stability and performance.</para>
+	  <para revision="215405">The &; driver now supports
+	    hardware interrupt moderation of TX completion interrupts
+	    on RTL8169/RTL8168 controllers.</para>
+	  <para revision="211377">The &man.rl.4; driver now supports WoL
+	    (Wake on LAN) on RTL8139B or newer controllers.</para>
+	  <para revision="215222">The &man.rl.4; driver now supports
+	    reading hardware statistics counters by setting a
+	    &man.sysctl.8; variable
+	    <varname>dev.rl.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.stats</varname>
+	    to <literal>1</literal>.</para>
+	  <para revision="212039">The &man.rl.4; driver now supports a
+	    device hint to change a way of register access.  Although
+	    some newer RTL8139 controllers support memory-mapped
+	    register access, it is difficult to detect the support
+	    automatically.  For this reason the driver uses I/O
+	    mapping by default and provides the following device hint.
+	    If it is set to <literal>0</literal>, the driver uses
+	    memory mapping for register access.</para>
+	  <programlisting>hint.rl.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.prefer_iomap="0"</programlisting>
+	  <para>Note that the default value is <literal>1</literal>.</para>
+	  <para revision="214407">The &man.rl.4; driver has been
+	    improved on interrupt handling.  It now has better TX
+	    performance under high RX load.</para>
+	  <para revision="215216">A bug in the &; driver has
+	    been fixed.  It did not program the station address for
+	    Yukon controllers and overriding the station address with
+	    &man.ifconfig.8; was not possible.</para>
+	  <para revision="211359">The &; driver now disables TX
+	    checksum offloading by default.  This is because some
+	    revisions of the Yukon controller generate corrupted frames.
+	    The checksum offloading can be enabled manually by using
+	    <option>txcsum</option> option in the &man.ifconfig.8;
+	    utility.</para>
+	  <para revision="212468,213612,213628">The &man.sis.4; driver
+	    now works on all supported platforms.  Some stability and
+	    performance issues have also been fixed.</para>
+	  <para revision="213637">The &man.sis.4; driver now supports
+	    WoL (Wake on LAN) on NS DP8315 controller.</para>
+	  <para revision="213626">A tunable
+	    <varname>dev.sis.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.manual_pad</varname>
+	    for the &man.sis.4; driver has been added.  This controls
+	    whether padding with 0x00 for short frames is done by CPU,
+	    rather than the controller.  The reason why this tunable
+	    has been added is that NS DP83815/DP83816 pads them with
+	    0xff though RFC 1042 specifies it should be 0x00.  The
+	    tunable is disabled by default, which means padding with
+	    0xff is used because padding with 0x00 by software needs
+	    extra CPU cycles.  Setting a non-zero value enables the
+	    software padding.</para>
+	  <para revision="211357">The &man.ste.4; driver now supports a
+	    device hint to change a way of register access.  Although
+	    it uses memory-mapped register access by default, some old
+	    IC Plus Corp (formerly Sundace) controllers are found
+	    unstable.  The following device hint makes the driver use
+	    I/O mapping for register access:</para>
+	  <programlisting>hint.ste.<replaceable>N</replaceable>.prefer_iomap="1"</programlisting>
+	  <para revision="213120">The &man.xl.4; driver now supports
+	    WoL (Wake on LAN).  Note that not all controllers support
+	    this functionality and some need an additional remote
+	    wakeup cable.</para>
       <sect3 id="net-proto">
 	<title>Network Protocols</title>
-        <para>&os; flowtable now supports IPv6.  This is for per-CPU
-	  caching flows as a means of accelerating L3 and L2 lookups
-	  as well as providing stateful load balancing when ECMP
-	  (Equal-Cost Multi-Path routing) is enabled by <option>option
-	  RADIX_MPATH</option>.</para>
-	<para>A new capability flag <literal>LINKSTATE</literal> has


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