svn commit: r218412 - stable/8/sbin/newfs

Glen Barber gjb at
Mon Feb 7 19:12:30 UTC 2011

Author: gjb (doc committer)
Date: Mon Feb  7 19:12:30 2011
New Revision: 218412

  MFC 212610:
  Synchronize newfs(8) manual with code.
  PR:		61716
  Approved by:	keramida (mentor)

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/sbin/newfs/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/sbin/newfs/newfs.8
--- stable/8/sbin/newfs/newfs.8	Mon Feb  7 18:10:18 2011	(r218411)
+++ stable/8/sbin/newfs/newfs.8	Mon Feb  7 19:12:30 2011	(r218412)
@@ -125,8 +125,9 @@ and the number of bytes per inode.
 .It Fl d Ar max-extent-size
 The file system may choose to store large files using extents.
 This parameter specifies the largest extent size that may be used.
-It is presently limited to its default value which is 16 times
-the file system blocksize.
+The default value is the file system blocksize.
+It is presently limited to a maximum value of 16 times the
+file system blocksize and a minimum value of the file system blocksize.
 .It Fl e Ar maxbpg
 Indicate the maximum number of blocks any single file can
 allocate out of a cylinder group before it is forced to begin

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