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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Thu Jul 22 14:40:03 UTC 2010

Andrew Gallatin <gallatin at> wrote
  in <4C484EB9.7090903 at>:

ga> >           mxge(4) updated to 1.4.48b,
ga> Small correction for mxge.  The version number you're referring to
ga> is for the firmware.  Also, the driver has the latest available
ga> firmware as of my MFC of 208309 in May (208495).  I did not mention
ga> the version in my commit message; is actually 1.4.50.  Sorry for
ga> the confusion.
ga> Can you please change this to
ga> 	   mxge(4) firmware updated to 1.4.50

 Thank you!  I will update the entry.

-- Hiroki
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