svn commit: r210356 - stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Wed Jul 21 18:27:32 UTC 2010

Author: hrs
Date: Wed Jul 21 18:27:32 2010
New Revision: 210356

  New relnotes items:
          devfs(5) default rule change for ptys,
          pselect(3) -> pselect(2),
          INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE enabled by default,
          boot2 reimplemented for pc98,
          amdsbwd(4) added,
          ipmi(4) timer setting bug fixed,
          uftdi(4) zero length packet bug fixed,
          bge(4) TSO on BCM5755 supported,
          bge(4)/bce(4) DMA handling bug fixed,
          et(4) MSI and TX checksum offloading of IPv4/TCP/UDP added,
          mxge(4) updated to 1.4.48b,
          ste(4) improved,
          vge(4) improved,
          ipfw(4) IPv6 support of keep-alive rule fixed,
          proxy arp over P2P link fixed,
          vlan(4) now in GENERIC,
          vlan(4) now handles parent IF renaming,
          fdc(4) kmod unload issue fixed,
          geom provider now reports optimal block size to the upper layer,
          graid3(8) panic fixed,
          vfs.vlru_allow_cache_src added,
          zfs(8) bugs fixed,
          diskinfo(8) stripe size and offset reporting,
          gcore(1) improved,
          pwait(1) added,
          MADV_PROTECT for sshd, cron, inetd, syslogd,
          zfs(8) receive -u added,
          service(8) added,
          rc.conf(5) now supports vlans_IF for vlan(4) configuration,
          awk 26 November 2009 release,
          tzdata2009u, and
          filename of release ISO image changed.
  An entry for IPV6_V6ONLY sockopt in Liunx is removed because
  this was not a visible change.


Modified: stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml
--- stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Wed Jul 21 17:16:12 2010	(r210355)
+++ stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Wed Jul 21 18:27:32 2010	(r210356)
@@ -205,6 +205,9 @@
 	&man.ddb.4; debugger now prints active string mount
+      <para>The default &man.devfs.5; rules now expose the upper 256
+	of &man.pty.4; device nodes.</para>
       <para>Two commands to enable/disable read-ahead has been added
 	to &man.fcntl.2; system call:</para>
@@ -232,6 +235,14 @@
 	<filename>/dev/full</filename>.  Note that this is not
 	included in <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
+      <para>A POSIX function pselect(3) has been reimplemented as a
+	system call &man.pselect.2; to eliminate race
+	condition.</para>
+      <para>A kernel option <option>option
+	  INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE</option> has been added to
+	<filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel by default.</para>
       <para>New SDT (Statically Defined Tracing) probes such as ones
 	for opencrypto have been added to &os; &man.dtrace.1;
@@ -251,6 +262,11 @@
       <sect3 id="boot">
 	<title>Boot Loader Changes</title>
+	<para arch="pc98">The <filename>boot2</filename> bootcode has
+	  been reimplemented based on the &arch.i386 counterpart.  It
+	  now supports ELF binary, UFS2 file system, and larger number
+	  of slices.</para>
         <para>A kernel environment variable
 	  <varname>vfs.root.mountfrom</varname> now supports
 	  multiple elements for root file system in a space-separated
@@ -283,13 +299,22 @@
 	  supports for interpreting taps on ADB touchpads as a button
+        <para>The amdsbwd(4) driver for AMD SB600/SB7xx watchdog
+	  timer has been added.</para>
         <para arch="powerpc">The <filename>apt</filename> driver for
 	  the Apple Touchpad present on MacBook has been added to
 	  <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
+        <para>A bug in the &man.ipmi.4; driver that caused incorrect
+	  watchdog timer setting has been fixed.</para>
         <para>The &man.uart.4; driver now supports NetMos NM9865
 	  family of Serial/Parallel ports.</para>
+	<para>A bug in the &man.uftdi.4; driver that can allow to send
+	  a zero length packet has been fixed.</para>
 	<sect4 id="mm">
 	  <title>Multimedia Support</title>
@@ -301,21 +326,104 @@
-          <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports 5761, 5784, and
-	    57780-based devices.</para>
+          <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports BCM5761, BCM5784, and
+	    BCM57780-based devices.</para>
+          <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports TSO (TCP
+	    segmentation offloading) on BCM5755 or newer
+	    contollers.</para>
+          <para>A long-standing stability issue of the &man.bce.4; and
+	    &man.bge.4; driver due to a hardware bug in its DMA
+	    handling when the system has more than 4GB memory has been
+	    fixed.  This applies to BCM5714, BCM5715, and BCM5708
+	    controllers.</para>
+          <para>A bug in the &man.bge.4; driver that incorrectly
+	    enabled TSO on BCM5754/BCM5754M controllers has been
+	    fixed.</para>
           <para>The &man.cxgb.4; driver has been updated to T3
 	    firmware 7.8.0.</para>
+          <para>The et(4) driver now supports MSI and Tx checksum
+	    offloading of IPv4, TCP, and UDP.</para>
           <para>The &man.msk.4; driver now supports Marvell Yukon
 	    88E8042, 88E8057 devices and DGE-560SX (Yukon XL).</para>
+          <para>The &man.mxge.4; driver has been updated to firmware
+	    1.4.48b.</para>
           <para>The &; driver no longer performs an
 	    unnecessary interface up/down during getting IP address
 	    via DHCP.</para>
+          <para>The &man.ste.4; driver has been improved:</para>
+	  <itemizedlist>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>The DMA handling has been improved.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>Wake-On-LAN is now supported.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>Unnecessary reinitialization of the
+		interfaces has been eliminated.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>RX interrupt moderation with single shot timer has
+		been implemented.  The default parameter of the
+		moderation time is 150us and this can be changed via
+		sysctl variable
+		<varname>dev.ste.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.int_rx_mod</varname>.
+		Setting it 0 effectively disables the RX interrupt
+		moderation feature.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	  </itemizedlist>
           <para>The tsec(4) driver now supports &man.altq.4;.</para>
+          <para>The &man.vge.4; driver has been improved:</para>
+	  <itemizedlist>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>The DMA handling has been improved.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>Wake-On-LAN is now supported.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>Unnecessary reinitialization of the
+		interfaces has been eliminated.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>Hardware MAC statistics are now supported via sysctl variables
+		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.stats</varname>.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	    <listitem>
+	      <para>Interrupt moderation with single shot timer and
+		scheme supported by VT61xx controllers have been
+		implemented.  The default parameters are tuned to
+		generate interrupt less than 8k per second, and these
+		parameters can be changed via sysctl variables
+		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.int_holdoff</varname>,
+		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.rx_coal_pkt</varname>,
+		and
+		<varname>dev.vge.<replaceable>0</replaceable>.tx_coal_pkt</varname>.
+		Note that an up/down cycle is needed to make a
+		parameter change take effect.</para>
+	    </listitem>
+	  </itemizedlist>
           <para>The &man.urtw.4; driver has been improved and now
 	    supports RTL8187B-based devices.</para>
@@ -334,10 +442,21 @@
 	  using a sysctl variable
-        <para>For IPv6 sockets in the Linux emulation environment
-	  <varname>IPV6_V6ONLY</varname> socket option is unconditionally
-          reset regardless of <varname>net.inet6.ip6.v6only</varname> sysctl
-	  variable.</para>
+	<para>A bug in the &man.ipfw.4; subsystem that
+	  <command>keep-alive</command> rule did not work for IPv6
+	  packets has been fixed.</para>
+	<para>A bug that proxy ARP entries cannot be added over
+	  point-to-point link types has been fixed.</para>
+        <para>The &man.vlan.4; pseudo interface has been added to
+	  <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
+        <para>The &man.vlan.4; pseudo interface for IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
+	  now ignore renaming of the parent's interface name.  The
+	  configured VLAN interfaces continue to work with the new
+	  name while previously the configurations were removed as the
+	  renaming happens.</para>
       <sect3 id="disks">
@@ -345,6 +464,15 @@
+        <para>A bug in the &man.fdc.4; driver which prevents the
+	  kernel module from unloading has been fixed.</para>
+        <para>&man.geom.8; providers including complex ones such as
+	  &man.gconcat.8;, &man.gmirror.8;, &man.graid3.8,
+	  &man.gstripe.8;, and some hardware RAID device drivers like
+	  &man.twa.4; now inform its optimal access block size to the
+	  upper layer.</para>
         <para>The &man.gmirror.8; utility now supports
 	  <command>configure <option>-p</option>
 	    <replaceable>priority</replaceable></command> command to
@@ -373,6 +501,10 @@
+	<para>A bug in the &man.graid3.8; which causes a panic when a
+	  large request arrives has been fixed.  This happens when
+	  <varname>MAXPHYS</varname> is set as larger than 128k.</para>
         <para>A new kernel option <option>option ATA_CAM</option> has
 	  been added.  This turns &man.ata.4; controller drivers into
 	  &; interface modules.  When enabled, this option
@@ -406,7 +538,24 @@
       <sect3 id="fs">
 	<title>File Systems</title>
-        <para></para>
+        <para>&os; &man.VFS.9; subsystem now supports a new sysctl
+	   variable <varname>vfs.vlru_allow_cache_src</varname>.  This
+	   allow <filename>vnlru</filename> kernel thread to reclaim
+	   of the directory vnodes that are source of the namecache
+	   records.  This is not enabled by default because for
+	   typical workload it would make namecache unusable, but
+	   large nested directory tree easily puts any process that
+	   accesses file system into one second wait for
+	   <filename>vnlru</filename> kernel thread.</para>
+	<para>The zpool version of ZFS subsystem has been updated to
+	  version 14.  It is now possible to use zpools created on
+	  OpenSolaris 2009.06.</para>
+	<para>Bugs in the ZFS file system that <command>zfs snapshot
+	    -r</command> fails when the file system is busy, and
+	  <command>zfs receive</command> can fail with an E2BIG
+	  error, have been fixed.</para>
@@ -419,6 +568,10 @@
       <para>A bug in &man.bzip2.1; utility which prevented it from
 	working with multi-session bzip2 files.</para>
+      <para>The &man.diskinfo.8; now supports reporting disk stripe
+	size and offset.  This helps users to make file systems
+	optimally aligned and tuned for better performance.</para>
       <para>A bug in &; utility which can crash the
 	program has been fixed.</para>
@@ -428,12 +581,26 @@
       <para>A bug in &man.fetch.1; utility which incorrectly evaluates
 	a variable <varname>NO_PROXY</varname> has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>The &man.gcore.1; utility now recognizes threads in the
+	process and handles dumps on a thread scope.</para>
       <para>The &man.ifconfig.8; utility now supports manipulation of
 	NDP flags handled by &man.ndp.8;.</para>
       <para>The &man.ntpd.8; program no longer tries to bind to an
 	IPv6 anycast address.</para>
+      <para>The &man.pwait.1; utility has been added.  This is similar
+	to the Solaris utility of the same name, and waits for any
+	process to terminate.</para>
+      <para>The &man.sshd.8;, &man.cron.8;, &man.inetd.8;, and
+	&man.syslogd.8; programs now set
+	<literal>MADV_PROTECT</literal> memory flag onto themselves to
+	protect from being terminated by the &os; kernel when
+	available memory becomes short.  This kind of process
+	termination happens in a swap-intensive workload.</para>
       <para>The &man.unifdef.1; utility has been updated to version
 	1.188.  It now supports a new <option>-B</option> flag to
 	compress blank lines around a deleted section to prevent blank
@@ -444,16 +611,38 @@
 	a file descriptor that is not authorized by the descriptor's
 	capability flags.</para>
+      <para>The &man.zfs.8; command now supports a new flag
+	<option>receive -u</option> to specify that the received ZFS
+	should not be mounted automatically.</para>
       <sect3 id="rc-scripts">
         <title><filename>/etc/rc.d</filename> Scripts</title>
+        <para>The &man.service.8; command has been added.  This
+	  provides an easy command-line interface to the
+	  <filename>rc.d</filename> system.</para>
         <para>A new <filename>rc.d</filename> script
 	  <filename>static_arp</filename> has been added.  This allows
 	  the administrator to statically define mappings of MAC
 	  address to IPv4 at boot time.  See also the &man.rc.conf.5;
 	  manual page for more details.</para>
+        <para>The &man.rc.conf.5; now supports configuring
+	  &man.vlan.4; interfaces as child devices similar to
+	  &man.wlan.4; interfaces.  &man.vlan.4; interfaces are listed
+	  via a new
+	  <varname>vlans_<replaceable>IF</replaceable></varname>
+	  variable.  If a VLAN interface is a number, then that number
+	  is treated as the VLAN tag for the interface and the
+	  interface will be named
+	  <varname><replaceable>IF</replaceable>.<replaceable>tag</replaceable></varname>.
+	  Otherwise, the VLAN tag must be provided via a VLAN
+	  parameter in a
+	  <varname>create_args_<replaceable>IF</replaceable></varname>
+	  variable.</para>
@@ -462,8 +651,14 @@
+      <para>The <application>awk</application> has been updated from
+	the 23 October 2007 release to the 26 November 2009 release.</para>
       <para><application>ISC BIND</application> has been updated to
 	version 9.6.1-P2.</para>
+      <para>The timezone database has been updated to the
+	<application>tzdata2009u</application> release.</para>
       <para role="8.0">The <application>ACPI-CA</application> has been
@@ -494,9 +689,6 @@
       <para role="8.0"><application>TCPDUMP</application> has been
 	updated to 4.0.0.</para>
-      <para role="8.0">The timezone database has been updated
-	to the <application>tzdata2009f</application> release.</para>
       <para role="8.0"><application>wpa_supplicant</application> has been updated to
 	version 0.6.8</para>
@@ -506,9 +698,6 @@
       <para role="7.1">The <application>am-utils</application> has been updated from
 	version 6.0.10p1 to version 6.1.5.</para>
-      <para role="7.1">The <application>awk</application> has been updated from 1 May
-	2007 release to the 23 October 2007 release.</para>
       <para role="7.1">The <application>bzip2</application> has been updated from
 	version 1.0.4 to version 1.0.5.</para>
@@ -541,6 +730,9 @@
     <sect2 id="releng">
       <title>Release Engineering and Integration</title>
+      <para>The filename of ISO images for &os; releases now has a
+	<filename>FreeBSD-</filename> at the beginning.</para>
       <para>The supported version of
 	the <application>GNOME</application> desktop environment
 	(<filename role="package">x11/gnome2</filename>) has been

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