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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Wed Jul 21 10:36:28 UTC 2010

Author: hrs
Date: Wed Jul 21 10:36:27 2010
New Revision: 210339

  Add relnotes item for 8.1R (first round):
          ddb(4) show mount improved,
          fcntl(2) F_READAHEAD and F_RDAHEAD added,
          lindev(4) added,
          more dtrace probes,
          SMP support in PowerPC G5,
          ULE %CPU fix,
          VIMAGE + SCTP build fix,
          vfs.root.mountfrom space-separated list support added,
          loader(8) memory range selection improved,
          zfsloader added,
          zfsboot and gptboot added,
          adb(4) supports taps on ADB touchpad,
          apt(4) added,
          uart(4) NetMos NM9865 support added,
          bge(4) 5761, 5784, 57780 support added,
          cxgb(4) updated to T3 firmware 7.8.0,
          msk(4) 88E8042, 88E8057 and DGE-560SX support added,
          re(4) unnecessary reinitialization eliminated,
          tsec(4) now supports ALTQ,
          urtw(4) now supports RTL8187B,
          net.inet.ipcomp.ipcomp_enable=1 by default,
          IPV6_V6ONLY by default for IPv6 sockets in Linux emulation,
          gmirror(8) priority change support,
          gmirror(8) "load" balancing algorithm improved and now used as default,
          "option ATA_CAM" added,
          ata(4) fix for interrupt storms/command timeouts added,
          ata(4) umass support removed,
          ahd(4) error counter improved,
          cam(3) SATA/PATA support improved,
          bsnmpd(1) high CPU load issue fixed,
          bzip2(1) multi-session bzip2 file handling fixed,
          ee(1) crach fixed,
          factor(6) performance issue fixed,
          fetch(1) NO_PROXY handling fixed,
          ifconfig(8) now supports NDP flag handling,
          ntpd(8) no longer attempts to bind IPv6 anycast addresses,
          unifdef(1) updated to 1.188,
          ENOTCAPABLE new errno,
          rc.d/static_arp added, and
          ISC BIND 9.6.1-P2.


Modified: stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml
--- stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Wed Jul 21 10:25:02 2010	(r210338)
+++ stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Wed Jul 21 10:36:27 2010	(r210339)
@@ -201,16 +201,94 @@
+      <para>The <command>show mount</command> command in the
+	&man.ddb.4; debugger now prints active string mount
+	options.</para>
+      <para>Two commands to enable/disable read-ahead has been added
+	to &man.fcntl.2; system call:</para>
+      <itemizedlist>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><varname>F_READAHEAD</varname> specifies the amount
+	    for sequential access.  The amount is specified in bytes and is
+	    rounded up to nearest block size.</para>
+	</listitem>
+	<listitem>
+	  <para><varname>F_RDAHEAD</varname> is a Darwin compatible
+	    version that use 128KB as the sequential access
+	    size.</para>
+	</listitem>
+      </itemizedlist>
+      <para>Note that the read-ahead amount is also constrainted by
+	sysctl variable <varname>vfs.read_max</varname>, which may
+	need to be raised in order to better utilize this
+	feature.</para>
+      <para>The &man.lindev.4; driver has been added.  This is for
+	supporting various linux-specific pseudo devices such as
+	<filename>/dev/full</filename>.  Note that this is not
+	included in <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
+      <para>New SDT (Statically Defined Tracing) probes such as ones
+	for opencrypto have been added to &os; &man.dtrace.1;
+	subsystem.</para>
+      <para arch="powerpc">&os; now supports SMP in PowerPC G5
+	systems.  Note that SMP support is disabled by default in
+	<filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
+      <para>A bug in the &man.sched.ule.4; scheduler which prevented
+	process usage (<literal>%CPU</literal>) from working correctly
+	has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>The VIMAGE &man.jail.8; virtualization container can work
+	with &man.sctp.4; now.  Note that the VIMAGE is not enabled by
+	default in <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
       <sect3 id="boot">
 	<title>Boot Loader Changes</title>
+        <para>A kernel environment variable
+	  <varname>vfs.root.mountfrom</varname> now supports
+	  multiple elements for root file system in a space-separated
+	  list.  Each list element will be tried in order and the
+	  first available one will be mounted.</para>
+	<para arch="i386">The algorithm the &man.loader.8; uses has
+	  been improved to choose a memory range for its heap when
+	  using a range above 1MB.  This fixes a symptom that the
+	  loader fails to load a kernel.</para>
+        <para>The <filename>zfsloader</filename> has been added.  This
+	  is a separate &man.zfs.8; enabled loader.  Note that a ZFS
+	  bootcode (<filename>zfsboot</filename> or
+	  <filename>gptzfsboot</filename>) need to be installed
+	  to use this new loader.</para>
+        <para>The <filename>zfsboot</filename> and
+	  <filename>gptzfsboot</filename> bootcode now fully support
+	  64-bit LBAs for disk addresses.  This allows booting from
+	  large volumes.</para>
       <sect3 id="proc">
 	<title>Hardware Support</title>
-        <para></para>
+        <para arch="powerpc">The <filename>adb</filename> driver now
+	  supports for interpreting taps on ADB touchpads as a button
+	  click.</para>
+        <para arch="powerpc">The <filename>apt</filename> driver for
+	  the Apple Touchpad present on MacBook has been added to
+	  <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel.</para>
+        <para>The &man.uart.4; driver now supports NetMos NM9865
+	  family of Serial/Parallel ports.</para>
 	<sect4 id="mm">
 	  <title>Multimedia Support</title>
@@ -222,6 +300,24 @@
 	  <title>Network Interface Support</title>
+          <para>The &man.bge.4; driver now supports 5761, 5784, and
+	    57780-based devices.</para>
+          <para>The &man.cxgb.4; driver has been updated to T3
+	    firmware 7.8.0.</para>
+          <para>The &man.msk.4; driver now supports Marvell Yukon
+	    88E8042, 88E8057 devices and DGE-560SX (Yukon XL).</para>
+          <para>The &; driver no longer performs an
+	    unnecessary interface up/down during getting IP address
+	    via DHCP.</para>
+          <para>The tsec(4) driver now supports &man.altq.4;.</para>
+          <para>The &man.urtw.4; driver has been improved and now
+	    supports RTL8187B-based devices.</para>
@@ -229,12 +325,82 @@
 	<title>Network Protocols</title>
+        <para>IPcomp (IP Payload Compression Protocol defined in RFC
+	  2393) protocol is now enabled by default.  Note that this
+	  requires <option>option IPSEC</option> in the kernel
+	  configuration file and <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel
+	  does not include it.  This functionality can be disabled by
+	  using a sysctl variable
+	  <varname>net.inet.ipcomp.ipcomp_enable</varname>.</para>
+        <para>IPv6 sockets in Linux emulation environment are
+	  unconditionally set as <varname>IPV6_V6ONLY</varname>
+	  regardless of <varname>net.inet6.ip6.v6only</varname> sysctl
+	  variable.</para>
       <sect3 id="disks">
 	<title>Disks and Storage</title>
+        <para>The &man.gmirror.8; utility now supports
+	  <command>configure <option>-p</option>
+	    <replaceable>priority</replaceable></command> command to
+	  change the providers priority.</para>
+        <para>The balancing mode algorithm <literal>load</literal>
+	  used in the &man.gmirror.8; utility has been changed and it
+	  is now the default one instead of
+	  <literal>split</literal>:</para>
+	<itemizedlist>
+	  <listitem>
+	    <para>Instead of measuring last request execution time for
+	      each drive and choosing one with smallest time, use
+	      averaged number of requests, running on each drive. This
+	      information is more accurate and timely. It allows to
+	      distribute load between drives in more even and
+	      predictable way.</para>
+	  </listitem>
+	  <listitem>
+	    <para>For each drive track offset of the last submitted
+	      request. If new request offset matches previous one or
+	      close for some drive, prefer that drive.  It allows to
+	      significantly speedup simultaneous sequential reads.</para>
+	  </listitem>
+	</itemizedlist>
+        <para>A new kernel option <option>option ATA_CAM</option> has
+	  been added.  This turns &man.ata.4; controller drivers into
+	  &; interface modules.  When enabled, this option
+	  deprecates all &man.ata.4; peripheral drivers and interfaces
+	  such as <filename>ad</filename> and
+	  <filename>acd</filename>, and allows &; drivers
+	  <filename>ada</filename>, and <filename>cd</filename> and
+	  interfaces to be natively used instead.  Note that this is
+	  not enabled by default in the <filename>GENERIC</filename>
+	  kernel.</para>
+        <para>A bug in the &man.ata.4; driver which can lead to
+	  interrupt storms and command timeouts.</para>
+        <para>USB mass storage device support in the &man.ata.4;
+	  driver has been removed.  Note that this was not used in
+	  <filename>GENERIC</filename> kernel and the &man.umass.4;
+	  driver supports such devices for a long time.</para>
+        <para>The &man.ahd.4; driver now supports three separated
+	  error counters for correctable, uncorrectable, and fatal, in
+	  &man.sysctl.8; MIB.</para>
+        <para>SATA and PATA support of &os; &; SCSI framework
+	  has been improved and it now recognizes more detail device
+	  capabilities.  For example, the &man.ahci.4; and
+	  &man.siis.4; driver now reports maximum tag number to the
+	  framework to optimize the NCQ handling.</para>
       <sect3 id="fs">
@@ -247,12 +413,47 @@
     <sect2 id="userland">
       <title>Userland Changes</title>
-      <para></para>
+      <para>A bug in &man.bsnmpd.1; program which leads to high CPU
+	consumption on a loaded system has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>A bug in &man.bzip2.1; utility which prevented it from
+	working with multi-session bzip2 files.</para>
+      <para>A bug in &; utility which can crash the
+	program has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>A bug in &man.factor.6; utility which leads to performance
+	degradation has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>A bug in &man.fetch.1; utility which incorrectly evaluates
+	a variable <varname>NO_PROXY</varname> has been fixed.</para>
+      <para>The &man.ifconfig.8; utility now supports manipulation of
+	NDP flags handled by &man.ndp.8;.</para>
+      <para>The &man.ntpd.8; program no longer tries to bind to an
+	IPv6 anycast address.</para>
+      <para>The &man.unifdef.1; utility has been updated to version
+	1.188.  It now supports a new <option>-B</option> flag to
+	compress blank lines around a deleted section to prevent blank
+	lines around paragraphs of code from getting doubled.</para>
+      <para>A new errno <varname>ENOTCAPABLE</varname> has been added.
+	This is to be returned when a process requests an operation on
+	a file descriptor that is not authorized by the descriptor's
+	capability flags.</para>
       <sect3 id="rc-scripts">
         <title><filename>/etc/rc.d</filename> Scripts</title>
+        <para>A new <filename>rc.d</filename> script
+	  <filename>static_arp</filename> has been added.  This allows
+	  the administrator to statically define mappings of MAC
+	  address to IPv4 at boot time.  See also the &man.rc.conf.5;
+	  manual page for more details.</para>
@@ -260,9 +461,10 @@
       <title>Contributed Software</title>
+      <para><application>ISC BIND</application> has been updated to
+	version 9.6.1-P2.</para>
-      <para role="8.0"><application>ISC BIND</application> has been updated to
-	version 9.6.1rc1.</para>
       <para role="8.0">The <application>ACPI-CA</application> has been
 	updated to 20090521.</para>

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