svn commit: r203889 - in stable/8/sys: cam cam/ata cam/scsi dev/ahci dev/asr dev/ata dev/ciss dev/hptiop dev/hptrr dev/mly dev/mpt dev/ppbus dev/siis dev/trm dev/twa dev/usb/storage

Matthew Jacob mj at
Thu Feb 18 16:05:27 UTC 2010

Just a total swag here, but reduce the openings via camcontrol to < 32, 
or even < 16

> 1. Any thoughts on how to resolve the regression in the mpt driver 
> with the r203889 commit?
> 2. Any thoughts on the behaviour I'm seeing with the mpt_cam_event 
> messages? Is it possible it's just a driver issue? Is the hardware 
> likely bad? I'm really hoping they'll go away once the driver issue is 
> resolved as the freezes are fairly unacceptable on a production 
> machine and the hardware appears to pass all checks I've done so far.
> Cheers,
> Lawrence

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