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Mon Dec 13 18:28:33 UTC 2010

On Mon, 13 Dec 2010 15:31:48 +0000
"Robert N. M. Watson" <rwatson at> wrote:

> On 13 Dec 2010, at 14:00, Ion-Mihai Tetcu wrote:
> >>   Derive the XENHVM kernel from GENERIC, adding only the options
> >> required to support PV drivers (such as xenpci), and non-adptive
> >> locking (along with a comment about why).
> > 
> > What about the same for i386?
> We don't currently support combining PV drivers with a non-PV kernel
> on i386; nor do we support a pure PV kernel on amd64. The former
> strikes me as more of a problem than the latter. Other than Amazon
> EC2, it seems most interesting targets will support HVM in practice,
> and benefit from PV drivers, but not require a pure PV kernel (i.e.,
> Xen-modified VM system).

I see. Thanks for the time you took to explain things, I'm very new to
Do we have any docs somewhere (well, except the sources) about our XEN
support and various options / optimizations? I only know about
AdrianChadd's wiki pags and (which
are nice, if you happen to know about XEN already and especially if you
want to work towards a FreebSD as XEN host).
I guess there are more interested people taht want just to run FreeBSD
as guest OS (my case).

> Your kernel configuration is likely trying to build options XEN on
> i386 without PAE; we currently require options PAE to build a PV Xen
> kernel on i386. 

Hum, yes, I thought it doesn't make sense to have PAE when my VM has
only 1GB of RAM.
Maybe a comment in sys/i386/conf/XEN would help.

> (It also looks like "options XEN" is spelled "option
> XEN" in your config file below?)

Which proves I mange to make typos even when copy/pasting, sigh.

Thanks again,

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