svn commit: r216097 - stable/8/share/man/man9

Konstantin Belousov kib at
Wed Dec 1 15:31:31 UTC 2010

Author: kib
Date: Wed Dec  1 15:31:31 2010
New Revision: 216097

  MFC r215798:
  Remove the note about possible unlocking during vunref(9).
  Approved by:	re (bz)

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/share/man/man9/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/share/man/man9/vrele.9
--- stable/8/share/man/man9/vrele.9	Wed Dec  1 15:28:23 2010	(r216096)
+++ stable/8/share/man/man9/vrele.9	Wed Dec  1 15:31:31 2010	(r216097)
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
 .\" $FreeBSD$
-.Dd October 17, 2010
+.Dd November 20, 2010
 .Dt VRELE 9
@@ -74,10 +74,6 @@ with less overhead.
 .Fn vunref
 function takes a locked vnode as argument, and returns with the vnode locked.
-Nonetheless, the
-.Fn vunref
-might drop the vnode lock during the operation, so caller should not expect
-that non-doomed vnode is still non-doomed after the function returned.
 Any code in the system which signified its use of a vnode by usecount
 should call one of the listed function to decrement use counter.

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