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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Thu Nov 26 22:09:37 UTC 2009

Author: hrs
Date: Thu Nov 26 22:09:37 2009
New Revision: 199849

  More items:
  - U-Boot support library for loader(8) (ARM, PowerPC)
  - multiprocessor (SMP) (PowerPC)
  - E500 (Book-E) embedded CPU support (PowerPC)
  - Freescale PowerQUICCIII MPC85xx system-on-chip support (single-
    and dual-core) (PowerPC)
  - Feroceon, Sheeva embedded CPU support
  - Marvell Orion (88F5281), Kirkwood (88F6281) and Discovery
    Innovation (MV-78100) systems-on-chip support (ARM)
  - DS133x and DS1553 RTC support
  - tsec(4) Gigabit Ethernet driver
  - mge(4) Gigabit Ethernet driver
  - kernel core dump support (PowerPC)
  - mini dump support (ARM)
  - gdbserver(1) support for (ARM, PowerPC)
  Submitted by:	raj


Modified: stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml
--- stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Thu Nov 26 21:14:09 2009	(r199848)
+++ stable/8/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/article.sgml	Thu Nov 26 22:09:37 2009	(r199849)
@@ -448,6 +448,12 @@ epair0b: flags=8842<BROADCAST,RUNNING
 	<filename>emulators/linux_base-f10</filename> (Fedora
+      <para role="8.0" arch="arm">The &os;/&arch.arm; now
+	supports mini dump.</para>
+      <para role="8.0" arch="powerpc">The &os;/&arch.powerpc; now
+	supports kernel core dump.</para>
       <para role="8.0" arch="amd64,i386">The &os; virtual memory
 	subsystem now supports fully transparent use of
 	<application>superpages</application> for application memory;
@@ -603,6 +609,9 @@ epair0b: flags=8842&lt;BROADCAST,RUNNING
 	<para role="8.0">The &man.boot0cfg.8; utility now supports a
 	  new <option>-i</option> option to set the volume ID.</para>
+	<para role="8.0" arch="arm,powerpc">The &man.loader.8; now
+	  supports U-Boot support library.</para>
 	<para role="7.2">The &man.boot.8; now supports 4-byte volume ID that
 	  certain versions of &windows; put into the MBR and invoking
 	  PXE by pressing the F6 key on some supported BIOSes.</para>
@@ -638,6 +647,23 @@ epair0b: flags=8842&lt;BROADCAST,RUNNING
 	<para role="8.0">The &os; now includes experimental support
 	  for &arch.mips; platform.</para>
+	<para role="8.0">Support for RTC on Dallas Semiconductor chips
+	  has been improved.  The DS133x and DS1553 are now
+	  supported.</para>
+	<para role="8.0" arch="arm">The &os;/&arch.arm; now supports
+	  Feroceon and Sheeva embedded CPU, Marvell Orion (88F5281),
+	  Kirkwood (88F6281), Discovery Innovation (MV-78100)
+	  systems-on-chip CPU.</para>
+	<para role="8.0" arch="powerpc">The &os;/&arch.powerpc; now
+	  supports SMP machines</para>
+	<para role="8.0" arch="powerpc">The &os;/&arch.powerpc; now
+	  supports E500 (Book-E) embedded CPU and Freescale
+	  PowerQUICCIII MPC85xx system-on-chip (including single and
+	  dual-core).</para>
 	<para role="8.0">The &man.acpi.4; subsystem now supports the System
 	  Resource Affinity Table (SRAT) used to describe affinity
 	  relationships between CPUs and memory, ACPI 3.0 fields in
@@ -885,6 +911,12 @@ epair0b: flags=8842&lt;BROADCAST,RUNNING
+	  <para role="8.0" arch="arm,powerpc">The mge(4) driver has
+	    been added to provide support for Marvell Gigabit Ethernet
+	    controllers found on ARM-based SOCs (Orion, Kirkwood,
+	    Discovery), as well as on system controllers for PowerPC
+	    processors (MV64430, MV6446x).</para>
 	  <para role="8.0">The &man.miibus.4; driver now supports
 	    the Marvell 88E3016.</para>
@@ -903,6 +935,11 @@ epair0b: flags=8842&lt;BROADCAST,RUNNING
 	  <para role="8.0">The &man.nge.4; driver has been improved and
 	    now works on all platforms.</para>
+	  <para role="8.0">The tsec(4) driver has been added to
+	    provide support for Freescale integrated Three-Speed
+	    Ethernet Controller (TSEC).  This driver also works with
+	    the enhanced version of the controller (eTSEC).</para>
 	  <para role="8.0">The &man.uath.4; driver for USB wireless LAN
 	    adapter based on Atheros AR5005UG and AR5005UX chipsets
 	    has been added.  The &man.uathload.8; utility, a firmware
@@ -1736,6 +1773,9 @@ options	NFSD	# for NFS server</programli
 	generate a new directory name for use by the backup.  This is
 	enabled by default.</para>
+      <para role="8.0">The &man.gdbserver.1; now supports &arch.arm;
+	and &arch.powerpc; platforms.</para>
       <para role="8.0">The &man.gpt.8; program has been removed in
 	favor of &man.gpart.8;.</para>

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