svn commit: r198975 - stable/8/sys/kern

Edward Tomasz Napierala trasz at
Fri Nov 6 09:39:35 UTC 2009

Author: trasz
Date: Fri Nov  6 09:39:35 2009
New Revision: 198975

  MFC r197789:
  Fix ACL support on sparc64.  Turns out that fuword(9) fetches 64 bits
  instead of sizeof(int), and on sparc64 that resulted in fetching wrong
  value for acl_maxcnt, which in turn caused __acl_get_link(2) to fail
  with EINVAL.
  PR:		sparc64/139304
  Submitted by:	Dmitry Afanasiev <KOT at MATPOCKuH.Ru>

Directory Properties:
  stable/8/sys/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/amd64/include/xen/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/cddl/contrib/opensolaris/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/contrib/dev/acpica/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/contrib/pf/   (props changed)
  stable/8/sys/dev/xen/xenpci/   (props changed)

Modified: stable/8/sys/kern/vfs_acl.c
--- stable/8/sys/kern/vfs_acl.c	Fri Nov  6 08:08:47 2009	(r198974)
+++ stable/8/sys/kern/vfs_acl.c	Fri Nov  6 09:39:35 2009	(r198975)
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ acl_copyout(struct acl *kernel_acl, void
-		if (fuword((char *)user_acl +
+		if (fuword32((char *)user_acl +
 		    offsetof(struct acl, acl_maxcnt)) != ACL_MAX_ENTRIES)
 			return (EINVAL);

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